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❄ 6 [video] a mild and most bewildered little shade
bunny girl - blah blah
[Well someone looks irritable today. And rather... bunny-rific. Seems the species-swap did a number on her and turned her fake ears-for-popping-out-of-cake purposes into, well. Real rabbit ears. That seem to be, in fact, her ears now, judging by the way the twitch at every little sound.]

Given everything that's going on, we've got to deal with something so...

[Normally Rukia isn't lost for words, but it's big and insignificant in the face of a black hole and that sort of thing makes everything that would be weird sort of mundane and easier to deal with. Giving it up, she huffs a sigh and mutters something about this not being a good birthday present.

However, after a moment a new consideration gives her pause.]

Though they are sort of cute. Still, if we're going to be faced with all these troubles I do wish I could be my proper self for them. These ears hurt when you bang them on doorways, no matter how polite the doors are...

[And in this midst of all this...THIS Rukia is still showing up to her job--most days at least--since it's not like she needs half the uniform anymore.

That's right, anyone who's ordered a cake-with-bunny-girl (or got ordered one by a friend, or as a prank, or...) might find one Kuchiki Rukia inside the cake, real ears, tail and yes, cute bunny-girl uniform inside.

With confetti!]

Melody 08-video
Um, well this could be a problem...
[Miku is staring in confusion at the group of other Mikus in the room, who also seem quite confused. There is included a Miku in a 17th century middle class dress, a Miku with a tiara and club marking, an ill looking Miku in a circus dress and goat legs instead of human, and a beat up looking Miku in a school uniform, and more.]

Ok, all you other mes, There has been some time of temporal universe space mix thing occured, but I don't think it will last long, so you'll be able to go home soon.
In the meantime I guess, just stay right here, stay out of trouble, this sci-fi stuff could be too much for you...
I'll be right back with a snack for you all, Hachune keep an eye on them...

(ooc: For the drive, besides normal Vocaloid Miku there is now a bunch of her AU roles from her music videos. Feel free to interact with any of them)

Thunderclouds -- 04 [Accidental Video]
[h] Lulled away
[Well, for whatever's going on right now with black holes and improbability, the person this Guide is recording gives little to no care right now. They're curled up with a pillow and sleeping soundly. It's a white-haired woman with (maybe) familiar markings and a really loose tunic tied on... but the rounded ears and long, faintly striped tail are either bewildering the viewer.... or being the most awkward of good hints to who this is.]

...How'd this end up here?

[The telltale red light is receiving a sleepy glare before her face is buried back into the pillow.]

Mmm... Don't want to be harassed right now, Guide. Leave me be.

[A whip of her tail cuts the feed.]

[OOC: Rule 63 knows no bounds, even for humanized Brush God fanart. Go Tamiya. Replies will be by voltigress.]

Oh very funny Mr. Improbability Drive. You know how much this is going to get in the way of my work?


Sorry about that...

Ergh. At least I can breath in space, now.

Residents of 3-30. I won't be home for a few days, thanks to not being able to fit through the door. Don't sell all of my stuff, please.

If anyone needs to find me, I'll be in the hanger.
- Renee

[OOC: for the event, Renee has been turned into a Robot! Specifically, she's got the body of one of her subordinates, KouRyu. So she's a giant, very pink mech. Enjoy~]

21 [video]
♀ oh ho ho~, ♀ and now for the fun part
[There is a very attractive blonde on your screens folks, with a black cat perched on her shoulder who she's petting very gently.]

Well now, I for one find it reassuring that the Improbability Drive is still functioning despite our currently precarious position in the void of space, so that I suppose is some small comfort to take from the situation.

[Oh look, she's pulled a small white fan out from seemingly nowhere and is using it to half conceal her face as she flaps it delicately.]

So with that in mind, perhaps some of patrons aboard this vessel would like to stop treating my business like it's a free-for-all. I would also like to point out that just because I am currently occupying a shapelier form, it does not mean that I am incapable of doing what's necessary to defend my livelihood. And I will do so in stilettos which I know from experience hurt considerably more than a pair of geta.

[The cat hops off her shoulder and starts to climb the wall of the Urahara Shoten Space Station Outlet. Urahara- stiletto heels, figure hugging mini-skirt (in tribute to a dearly departed friend) and all- watches her go with a smile.]

Oh, and I'd like to point out that today is free chocolate day for any passenger on board who has recently had their [delicate cough goes here] plumbing reworked. I hear it's supposed to be quite good for shock~

Alfred Filter // Private to Shinigami - unhackableCollapse )

The Thirteenth Case ~ [Video]
♔ Enraged.
[Keeping secrets simply isn't allowed on the Thor. At least that's what the Guide has decided. As such, it turns on at a very inopportune moment. The Earl is wearing a loose shirt that does not quite conceal his breasts. Additionally, he has long, silky blue-black hair. (For reference.)]

I see why corsets are useful. [He scowls and cups his breasts in his hands. The shirt clings mercilessly. It even rises an inch or two to expose some of Ciel's smooth, pale thigh.] Is this supposed to teach me a lesson?

[He drops his hands to his sides and wrinkles his nose in distaste. Something about the Guide catches his eye, however, and he turns in horror.]

...no. No! [Picking up the device, he hurls it across the room.

To say the Earl is mortified would be an understatement.]

The Tale of Zuko ☄ Book 01; Chapter 03 ☄ Video
Sad; wouldn't love himself either
[ There's a quiet mantra of "Azula always lies" going on. He's staring down at the Guide with such intense, wibbly eyes as he says his mantra, too. At least it doesn't look like Zuko's sleep deprivation has carried over to his eleven-year-old self.

Then his mantra stops. ]

Azula! If you can hear me, I'm telling Mom—

[ Oh. Wait. He can't do that. ]

—This isn't funny! Tell me what's going on! I know you're just trying to make me think Dad's going to kill me, but it won't work!

[ From the look on his face, he doesn't seem to believe his own words. The waterworks try to start and he decides that maybe his sister's help isn't the best help to get. ]

...Mom? Dad? Uncle?

[ And on the off-chance he's actually dead: ]


Anyone? Please tell me where I am. I want to go home.

[ ooc: Replies will be from turtleduckfood! Also, Zuko's eleven. Yup. No scar. Woobified. Etc. ]

Charm 09 -video, action
[When the guide flips on, not well handled, It shows There is a pretty blonde china doll laying somewhere on the ship the ship, and there is a voice coming from it]

Oh, not again! Why did this have to happen? It's so ridiculous! I can't even move like this! Maybe I can still use my magic to get out of this...
I had better not break. That would be dreadful...

[Yes, Gwendolen has been turned into a doll for event. She can still talk, but of course dolls can't move by themselves]

two || video
⇀ no problemo
[ Something is different about Aang, not that he notices it himself. Appa notices, and anyone who knows him well might be able to as well. There's a specific kind of look in his eye, it's playful, confident, and even a bit devious. One things for sure, this isn't a look he wears often.

Aang stands in the hangar, with an advanced stereo like thing behind his legs. There's also a giant furry mass that takes up almost all of the background in the picture. ]

Good evening passengers on the Thor. [ He's grinning, even at what he says next. ] Look, I'm sure we're all all tired of feeling scared, tense and whatever else about this black hole. Can anyone think of a reason why we shouldn't turn all of these negative feelings into something positive?

It's time we liven this place up by having a giant dance party! [ Aang declares, as if he's been waiting for that moment all night. ] If we're gonna die, we might as well go out having as much fun as we can. There's plenty of room in the hangar, so everyone's invited.

I got this thing a little while ago, but I don't know how to run it. [ He steps out of the way of the stereo. ] So I'll need someone to show me how, but if there's a live band on the ship somewhere, that would be even better! I can pay you~ [ It's an incentive. ]

[ He's still grinning. ] There's plenty of food and refreshments. [ Aang points to guide toward a table full of different kinds of pies. ] Let's get a lot of people down here! We're even going to have some prizes to give away. [ That last parts a lie. He has no prizes. Just don't ask him how he got the money for this stuff. ]

[ ooc: I will post an open log for everyone to jump into if they want! Also, Aang is sort of... inhibitionless. He's still Aang, he's just not as timid, and interested in playing it safe. ]

five ● [video]
Jus' what in the hay is goin- woah!

[There's a crashing sound, with the Guide suddenly flicking from voice to video and showing off AJ laying on her back...not really looking like AJ anymore. Groaning a little, Applejack tries at pushing herself up to sitting. ]

[Okay, good. Can handle that. Now let's try using the bed to stand up straight. A little wobbly, but maybe she can let go of her support now?]

[Nope, she falls right back to the ground.]


[Alright sitting. Let's just try sitting for right now. Applejack rubs the back of her head a bit.]

This all ain't gonna be permanent, right? This pony ain't exactly equipped fer gettin' along in this sort of body.

[Accidental Video]
Event: Unsure
[ It seems like Zeal was playing around with the Guide, because it clicked on showing a somewhat masculine back with extremely long blond hair.

Whoever this was, they at least were wearing some cute flower printed panties. Zeal pushes the guide over a little to show someone looking in a big mirror.

I don't know either, Pascal. They just.. disappeared!

[ The person pats down their chest and looks over at this green chameleon so confusedly. ]

They couldn't have ran away, could they? [ The Lizard shrugs his arms. After that the guide shuts off.]

✞ || 21th Cross || [accidental video]
[encrypted message]
[The Guide initially turns on to darkness. A shadowy darkness, as if the camera were momentarily blocked]

...what the--

[An unfamiliar voice, sounding more annoyed than frightened, comes through. There is a bit of shuffling that follows, and a jerk of the camera suddenly reveals the person speaking:]

If anybody can here me, this is Midii. And at the risk of sounding incredibly redundant at this point: I want answers, and I want them now.

[[ooc: Black Hole Time Warp = the return of 18-year-old Midii. But with a twist: she not only remembers being an 18-year-old this time...but doesn't remember her time on the Thor. Let the insanity commence ~]]

[[ooc, pt 2: I decided to make this post on LJ after all as one last hurrah before the Big Move. If there is anybody who wishes to continue threads over on DW, I have no problem with that!]]


[Trick 18] [Event]
lind // psico
[You see Agito/Akito without eye-patch and with their hair up, he is smirking confidently as he observes the guide]

Well, aren’t you all some petty little fuckers. [Laughs, stretching his arms in a way one wonders if he just woke up] Fucking damn!! It’s been ages since I was out!!

[Then you hear a familiar voice]

[And a the camera moves, since Lind is holding it, avoiding Agito’s wind blade]

[As the camera lowers, you notice that Lind is on a rooftop, and Agito is in the middle of a jump, holding
Agito carrying Akito on his shoulder (akito is wearing trousers and not a skirt), placing him on the floor of the roof when they land]

[They both stare at Lind in a really tense way, while the other guy seems amused]

Fucker, I have no fucking idea how this shit happened, but I am not gonna fucking lose the sight of you until this is fucking over!!! [Agito growls, his eye then landing on the guide, which Lind is still holding] Give me that shit back!!

[Lind laughs] Why don’t you try to get it first? [And he accelerates towards the end of the rooftop, jumping to another building] [His hand messes with the guide and turns off the video stream]

[[ooc: Event! basically it had the effect that all the personalities inside Akito/Agito/Lind’s body got separated bodies, which include Lind, the first personality and their mom, which they still don’t know in game and which is insanely strong and- well, sort of crazy (well, aren’t they all)

The replies will be from Lind, but I would specially encourage action! Lind will be around the ship, destroying things for fun, while Agito will be after him and Akito will be worried and trying to follow them by foot.
Just name the situation, or feel free to make something up]

[Video] 48
Look around you!
[If anyone cares to remember Atem's christmas present, it seems to be walking around in the shopping district. With him in it. Only. ...Not so the Atem you know anymore. He's clutching his Guide in one hand and looks rather perturbed.]

Mahaad, where are you? I am in need of your presence. ...This place is unsettling...

((OOC: Pharaoh Atem for the event; all past life memories, no present ones. Action is very welcome.))

15th Pesterlog // Electra complex [text]
MOM -- ...
I really hate this stupid space station.
If anybody needs me, too bad.
I'll be under my covers until this unappealing form passes over.

((Rose is a teenaged version of her mother -- complete with juvenile alcoholism! Better watch out for those hangovers, kid!))

5th Dream ✧ Voice
Look to the Sky
Uhm, excuse me. I'm sorry for asking, but could someone pick up some clothing for me? I'll reimburse you for the trouble of course.

Locked to NekuCollapse )

(OOC: Rhyme's aged up again. Replies will be from chimingrhyme.)

Five mercenaries punched through a window ; action/video
I really hope they have everything under control.

That black hole doesn't sound appealing in the slightest. I surely prefer battling against the collectors than this. Fuckin' bullshit.

[NOTE: Shepard is going to seem normal, until someone approaches her to talk to her... then she's going to flip on them and punch said person (for the drive event), ssoooo, I advise you approach her in person if you want your character killed punched. If you don't, video or whatever else is fine!! Also, be advised that she does pack a powerful punch 8D;]

chapter twenty-seven [voice]
aren't we clever; mr. flintstone.
...[Over the guide, have a rather familiar yet oddly... feminine deadpan voice coming over the guide.]

I see that the "DON'T PANIC" mantra shockingly once again conflicts with what I really want to do. Seriously! I think I would have rather been sucked up by the black hole! Not that this is completely horrible, but everything about it just feels unnatural to me. Not so much as being a Sentret or being stuck in a penguin suit, but it still just feels... odd.

Either way, needless to say, I'm not coming out of my room until this whole situation with the black hole is taken care of. [Sigh.] If it's not one thing, it's another. And all of these clothes are too big--

[And the feed cuts out. Roomies are free to find Kyonko wearing an oversized button-up shirt and a pair of... really baggy pants. Over a feminine frame, of course.]

((OOC: Kyon has been effected and now finds himself to be a girl! So, yeah. He is currently Kyonko. As a result, replies will be coming from rolereversed.))

Event start!
[The intercom cackles to life, and a voice begins to speak!]

--Panic! I repeat, nobody panic!

While we are currently...somehow...wedged halfway into the black hole, all departments are reporting all systems operating as normal! The Infinite Improbability Drive has been engaged, and seems to be providing stability throughout the station.

Rest assured we are even now working on a solution to this rather unique situation! Hopefully we'll think of something before too much longer!

[And on that last, slightly panicky note, the intercom goes quiet.]

OOC Info under the cutCollapse )