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[Operation 23 - Merry Christmas?] [Video]
pilot_zero_two wrote in gargleblasted
[The video feed switches on to a lovely view of the hangar - more specifically, it's a lovely view of Deathscythe, clearly the only thing worth looking at in the hangar.]

[And today it's even worth a second look, because someone has draped an absolutely enormous red-and-black striped scarf around its neck. It must be about three feet wide and at least as long as Deathscythe is tall, and at 16-something-something meters, that's...pretty damn long.]

[The viewfinder stays on Deathscythe while Duo begins to speak:]

Uh...thanks for the scarf, I guess?

[end feed]

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It looks... cozy. S'nice.

[slow grin]

Yeah, it is, huh? It looks really well-made, too.

Someone must of put a lotta effort into makin' sure he don't get cold.

I don't think anyone could argue with that.

Oh, hey, anyway. Merry Christmas, Kaylee.

Merry Christmas! You see my cookies? Suppose they might be lost under all that scarf.

[said cookies were left by Deathscythe in a little bag with a card. they are sliiightly too sweet but still good :<]

I did see them! They're delicious. Thanks!

[Speaking of presents, by now Kaylee will probably have found a large red stocking with her name written on in glitter hanging over the port to her cabin on Serenity. The contents of which are as follows: an orange, an apple, a small box of chocolates, a red-and-white peppermint candy cane, and a small-to-mediumish, floppy, white-and-black plush puppy. >.>]

Weren't nothin', just the season and all. You have a good holiday?

[she absolutely loves all of it awwwww]

I did. I am. What about you?

[Only the best for Kaylee. He figured out what she likes pretty easy. <3]

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