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[The first thing people see is a big, pink tongue covering the Guide with slobber. Huge, white teeth show as they’re about to clamp down onto the device. There’s some brief static and the screen goes black. There’s some muffled yelling in the background.]

Appa….put that down! It’s not food! I know you’re hungry, boy, but we have to wait till they can provide us the food for you!

I need that book in order to communicate with the other people here! Not that I understand how to work this magical book.

[A few minutes later the video feed comes back on, save everything is upside down. Someone is poking at the Guide with a brown staff.]

How are we supposed to get this to work, Appa? Those people said that all I have to do is a press a button and I can get it to turn on and record what I want it to say.

[Eventually, the Guide is readjusted and everything is correctly in place. People see a young boy with a bald head. He’s dressed in a yellow and orange cloak and smock. Blue arrows are tattooed on his forehead and arms. The boy smiles once he sees that he got the book to work.]

Hi, I’m Aang and this big furry beast is my friend Appa and the long eared creature on my shoulder is Momo! We’re new here and new to these strange devices. We don’t have anything like this back at home. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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