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Where to Post

THIS IS A COMMUNITY BASED GAME. As in, you'll be using character journals to post into gargleblasted. Although face to face interaction within comments is very much allowed, all we ask is that a network post is not an exclusively action post-- that would be a log. Logs will go into stop_panicking and ooc shenanigans will go into mostly_ooc!

How to Post

A normal journal post is allowed to be a VOICE, TEXT or VIDEO post. All log posts will go into the log community.

An Explanation of the Mission and Posting System/Requirements


At first, your character will only be able to take base missions [peeling potatoes, babysitting, etc] but, depending on how well that goes, they'll get promoted, earn more money, and have more freedom. Eventually, we hope to be able to set up spaceships for you guys, but that's not for a bit of time! As gameplay goes on, missions will be separated into tiers, and, based on how well your characters have done, they'll be promoted a tier and be able to go on harder missions.

However-- this isn't the be all end all of gameplay.

ALTERNATIVELY, if you don't like the ideas of missions, you can do freelance work with other characters. If Colette from Tales of Symphonia tripped and made a hole in the wall, her friends can opt to fix that instead rather than work in the kitchens and wrestle a bunch of chickens.

ALTERNATIVE to that ALTERNATIVELY, if the character (or the mun) is a lazy bastard, or just doesn't want to go on a mission of any sort for that month, you can again opt to do something else up to your discretion. Your character can mooch off of another from their world. Chances are casts are going to pool their money together anyway, you can have one main breadwinner, while everyone else just mucks around.

Essentially, we're just looking for two posts a month-- a mission can be a good way to get those over and done with [ie: First post saying "I ACCEPTED THIIIIIISSSS" and second post saying "I WAS SUCCESSFUUUUUUUULLLL!!!"]. We just ask that those posts have a liiiiittle more substance to them.

Surely you won't have an individual mission for every character in the game!

YOU ARE CORRECT! There will be a community bulletin posted on a screen in your character's cabin at the beginning of every month with a list of what's available. There are going to be sections based on career paths. There will be an open number of slots for each job which characters can sign up for on a first come, first serve basis-- so be quick!

As far as money is concerned. Your character starts off with little to nothing to their name. There will be five levels of payment, in the form of credits: Minimum Wage, Somewhat Decent Wage, College Degree Wage, CEO Wage, and Inherited From Dead Rich Aunt Wage. The monetary value is up to your interpretation... but don't expect to get away with buying a Suite on Minimum Wage.

Your character may opt to have credits as loose 'change' (small chips able to fit in the palm of your hand) or put them all on an electronic CREDIT card. (HAHA! SEE WHAT WE DID THERE?) One credit is equivalent to enough to buy a small drink. Five would be enough to buy a sandwich. A hundred million billion fafillion zillion jillion your own personal galaxy.

A higher tier character can also commission jobs if they'd like! We'll also be accepting suggestions for missions from players! An example would be:


i) Zaphod Beeblebrox is having (yet another) Celebration of ME party. He'll need caterers! Slots: [10] Pay: [Somewhat Decent Wage]

Magical Arts

i) Harry Potter needs private tutors for a Potions exam he has coming up. Slots: [3] Pay: [College Degree Wage]
ii) Jade Curtiss needs a test subject for the latest Fonic Arte he developed. Slots: [1] Pay: [Minimum]

Muns will sign their characters up by responding to comments (complete with more detailed blurbs) set up in the post. Once slots are filled, any characters who respond to the ad afterwards will be alternatives. If a character dies/can't do the job/is incapacitated (or if the mun has an emergency), the first character who responded after the initial group will be their replacement... and so on and so forth.

If your character wishes to hire someone else, comment to the correct thread in the suggestions post to let us know, and we will add it to the next community bulletin. Keep in mind that your character will be expected to pay for the services, but if your character isn't really the honest type, don't worry about it! Have them run and hide, or come up with some lame excuse not to pay. That doesn't mean there won't be consequences if they are caught, though.

It should be noted that occasionally, characters may be affected by an Infinite Improbability Drive Event-- this is COMPLETELY up to the mun, and face it, it may just make things a bit more interesting!

The Infinite Improbability Drive

Anyone who hasn't a clue as to what we're talking about can read up on it here. Go ahead and read-- we'll wait.

Okay, done? Awesome! Now, let's go over what this means for the characters:

Every so often, a character may knock into the Infinite Improbability Drive, or the space station will need to make a jump to another part of the galaxy. When that happens, random insanity occurs as well.

This can range from anything from everyone turning into cats to everyone suddenly starting to speak Shakespearean. Keep in mind, these events are completely voluntary. We're not going to force you into them.

ALSO! Players can come up with events on the fly. If it looks like it'd be a good idea, and the rest of the comm likes it? By all means, go for it! Just make sure you get moderator approval first!


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