December 28th, 2011

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Hello, good refugees of Thor! Today, we've put together a special newsflash bulletin of the SECRET LIVES OF YOUR FELLOW REFUGEES!!! Also known as SLOYRF, also known as SLFR! This information has been gathered by both citizens and other refugees alike, and is certainly not for everyone to witness! It's deep, it's real, and it's scandalous. You won't believe half of the things featured today, in this issue! Your fellow refugees have been hiding secrets about both their selves and their doings like you wouldn't believe. But we've got the scoop, and if you like what you see, please subscribe to Newsflash Bulletin monthly. We're always taking refugees on as interns and reporters, as well! Note: Newsflash Bulletin does not actually pay it's interns or reporters.

Without further adieu, please, delve into this month's juiciest issue, now featured on the network for your benefit!


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[ooc: Muns all gave me permission for the abuse of their characters! 8) Feel free to go crazy, mingle, comment to whoever on whatever, threadjack, etc -- seriously, let's get some activity up in here! I just spent like five hours on this so I swear to god you guys better enjoy it. Just a heads up that not everything here is Safe For Work! Also, naturally, everything is untrue and made up by this gossip magazine. Mieu didn't actually "write" it, though he's friends with the magazine that published it. His guide is just being used as a way of getting into the refugee network. :) Have fun!]

Event start!

[The intercom clicks on, and there is a ~*dramatic silence*~ before someone draws a deeeeeeeeep breath and exclaims:]

Guys! Guys! Guys guys guys! The floor is lava!

[There's another pause, quite a lot less dramatic than the first, and a bored voice responds:]

Yes, thank you, Fluffums. Good evening, Thor, these are your captains speaking. We are aware of the situation with the floor and the lava -

The floor is lava!

- Yes, thank you, Fluffums. Please be assured that this is merely a result of the Infinite Improbability Drive's being engaged, and will go away once we reach our next destination in approximately 96 hours.

[Fluffums interrupts again in an excited whisper:]

The floor is lava!

Nobody panic, and have a nice day!

[And the intercom clicks off.]

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