January 1st, 2012

15* Pumpkin patch


[A black cat can be seen relaxing upon a large floating pumpkin. She looks quite pleased]

This lava thing is kinda fun!

[As a feline, Blair has no problems jumping to "safe" areas as well as traveling in high places. Not to mention her magic to summon pumpkins and fly]

It's nice and warm. Nyaa! Blair finally gets to sunbathe without the sun!



To celebrate new beginnings, I'm giving all you ignorant humans (and a few ignorant other things) a present! They say knowledge is the best gift! Along with patience and understanding, which I've had a lot of these past few months! But it's time to set the record straight, so I present to you:

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Editor's note: the above has been spellchecked and proofread prior to publication, as the author appears to have been exceptionally drunk while writing.
this is my not-minding face


...man, it's like deja vu all over again.  For me, at least.

[Somebody's been trying to stay out of the way of the lava, apparently; not only is Zatanna cooped up in her room, but it actually looks...on the chilly side.  As if a certain cooling spell might've had a little too much power put into it.  Oh, well.]

[The young sorceress seems to be taking the Drive event fairly well, lounging back in her chair, with her feet propped up on the desk.  Wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but also a knitted scarf and hat.  Because roommates who know how to knit are awesome.]

So far, it looks like my magic's been enough to keep out the heat this time.

If anybody wants to come chill for a bit, my door's open.  Well, not literally.  But I could teleport you here.  Probably.

Event end!

[The intercom clicks on, and before the designated spokes-captain can begin speaking, the shrill sound of a prolonged, terrified scream can be heard in the background.]


*AHEM!* This is your captain speaking! We have achieved normalty! I repeat! We have acheieved normaltiy. From this point on anything you can't deal with is entirely your own problem.

AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa black hole black hole Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[followed by the announcer's hissed aside: ]

Will someone please shut Fluffums up? I'm trying to make the announcement!

*Ahem!* Sorry about that everyone --




[And then there's a thwack! followed by a thump! as of a small, mole-shaped body dropping heavily to the ground after being roundhouse kicked in the face by a similarly small, mouse-shaped person.]

As I was trying to say! The Thor is unfortunately caught in the gravitational well of a black hole, and is being slowly but unavoidably drawn towards it. Never fear! We are currently broadcasting our unique S.O.S. signal to the rest of the fleet, and expect to have someone out to help us within the month!

We do apologize for the lack of an interesting planet to visit this month...hopefully we'll have something better for you next time!

[And with that cheerful conclusion, the intercom feed cuts off.]

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