January 2nd, 2012

[k] Serious Business

Ippai [text]

Some of you are from worlds where the nature of a black hole is not common knowledge. Since the Guide's explanation is very complex, here is a summary:

Black holes suck things in and crush them. The captains seem to believe we can potentially be rescued, but if that doesn't work, we will all die.

Happy new year, everyone, and I hope we get to see the rest of it.

number three [video]

[Someone starts their feed off by evilly laughing! In a secret location (that is totally not his room) sits Mojo Jojo! Look at how he's smirking.]

Oh, nooooo! A black hole, how frightening! Perhaps our fearless captains will save us all! Dear me, if they don't, whatever shall we do! Ha! It was only a matter of time before one of these popped up, and I am glad I am here to witness it! Though yes, now I do have to figure out a way to save myself before the inevitable happens, at the very least, if I do not, then the rest of you shall fall with me! Unless any of you believe you can outfly a black hole. Which is impossible! Nothing can escape a black hole! It is inescapable! That is to say, no one, least of all here, can escape from it!

[Suddenly, a condescending smile comes upon his face.]

Unless of course, the Powerpuff Girls-- all three of them, including the two that seem too shy to speak to anyone onboard-- can save you. And even then, ha! That is highly doubtful! Not even they could be strong enough to do that!

[And he concludes the way he started.

With an evil laugh.]
A little down

Eleventh Flutter (Video)

[Yuyuko is holding the guide awkwardly against a window, or whatever lets people view outside the ship into space. It moves around and the best shaky camera shot of the impending black hole can be seen. After a little bit of this she turns the guide around to face herself.]

People say that's going to kill us all. It doesn't seem that impressive, it's just a big black space, I know of someone who makes similar type things. I do hope everyone doesn't have to die, it would be really sad if that happened. But I wonder, will I die twice? Or will something else happen?

[She pouts a little looking sad at the idea of it all.]

This is the worst way to start a new year.

January Missions!

Extreme Butter Shortage!
Demand for freshly churned butter has skyrocketed in recent months, creating a dwindling supply and outrageous price-hikes across the Thor! Merry Maid's Butter Warehouse is rising to the challenge, though, and hiring outside labor for the first time in its nearly 120-year history!

Retail Rivals Up the Ante!
Sworn rival clothing businesses "Abracadabra and Finch" and "French and Alakazam" are getting serious this month, unleashing a contrasting controversial sales-pitch in their attempt to outdo one another in the cut-throat clothing retail business! The former is introducing shirtless salespersons to its pristine and glistening salesfloor, while the latter is mixing it up with pantsless rivals! Whether these opposing sales pitches offend or delight is in the eye of the beholder, it's sure to be an interesting month when shopping for clothes!

Star Reporter eaten by Space Serpent!
The Lightning Post's star reporter Xsldkfj Xwelrkj met a sad and possibly avoidable end last weekend at the mouth of a very vexed and hungry space serpent. Details are unclear and information is limited, but what we do know is that both Xsldkfj and Xsldkfj's numerous articles will be sorely missed.

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Note: The missions will be posted on every floor of the S.S. Thor and can also be found in the Lightning Post for those already subscribing, as well as on the network. Unless otherwise stated it's first come first serve, so just reply to the right comment below and you'll get it! However, to make sure everyone has a chance to get a mission, you have to wait until next Saturday (January 7th) before you can apply for a second one.

To see what the requirements are for applying for Somewhat Decent, College Degree, and CEO level Wages, go here, and make sure you comment if you want the promotion!

Each mission lasts a month, and the paycheck will be handed out after the mission has been completed.

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