January 3rd, 2012


[Yuri's staring out a porthole, looking at the distorted smear of light that's about all he can see of the black hole from here. He looks puzzled, mostly, but not particularly worried]

Huh. It doesn't look that scary.

What do you think, Repede?

[Repede isn't visible, but you can hear his answering bark.]


Testing. Testing. Tes-

G-Stone Resonator Activated. Guide attachment accepted.
[And Renee's voice kicks in.]

Alright, I don't know how long this will last, but it should reach anyone who has a G-Stone. Or even, if I'm lucky, a J-Jewel...

This is Lieutenant Renee Cardiff-Shishioh, Commander of the Earthling Special Forces Unit Chaucer and member of the United Nations Gusty Galaxy Guard, requesting immediate assistance. The ship I'm on, the S.S.Thor, has been caught in the gravitational pull of a black hole, and our Captains believe we cannot escape on our own. The Thor carries refugees from a hundred destroyed worlds and sentient species from several hundred more. It is unlikely the Thor will survive without outside assistance.

I request help not for myself, but for the rest of the passengers of this vessel. [Her tone shifts slightly.] We have a month for you idiots to get your asses together and find this signal. Preferably before I get tossed out into space as a -ugh- virgin sacrifice. Do you hear me 3G? ONE MONTH. I will be irritated if I have to save this ship all by myself.

Renee out.
Disengage Resonator in 3...2..1...Amplify Off
This is a face of true happiness.

Forty One Levels on my Dungeon [Video]

[Here is an eleven year old. He's sitting in the ledge of a window, the black hole in clear view and a compact electronic keyboard on his lap. His version has four sets of keys, layered like stairs.

He doesn't look so good. One of his big blue eyes is experiencing severe case of over dilation, only a tiny sliver of blue around a circle of blackness. The other is the opposite, so constricted the pupil is nothing but a pinprick in a sea of blue. Throughout the video, the two eyes swap extremes routinely, roughly every five seconds. It's freaky as hell. It doesn't help that his right eye is permanently half-lidded but the left freakishly wide. He's going through a cold sweat, enough to drip from his chin and plaster his hair to the sides of his head. His usually quite straight forward black suit has been modified somewhat, a collar that is a mix of black fur and feathers added. He's currently without a shirt under his blazer as well. The worst part is his smile-it's the same subtle little smile he almost always has on one side, but completely unbalanced to be a massive grin on the other half of his face. Which side it is follows his eyes, meaning every now and then it just flips.

All in all? He looks like every bad day you've ever had-but enjoying it. His voice is a little wobbly, like he's just barely containing a huge amount of excitement.]

Hey! Isn't that thing-

[He points with a finger that is sporting a very thick black metal ring.]

Isn't that thing the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? Can anyone else hear it singing?

[He swings the finger down and hits a note on his keyboard-it's a B flat, for those with an ear for it. It causes a small shower of rainbow coloured sparks.]

Yeah...Black and Round...Looking it, it's like, I feel so alive, you know!? [He hits the B flat again, his smile swinging to the other side of his face in the middle of the sparks. He taps the key a few times more, just for good measure.] It's like looking at 'Nothingness', but really it's closer to 'Everything.' You can't actually see it, you know? It's just close to it that it's Black and Round. Who even knows what's in there? Doesn't it make you wonder? What's beneath the Black? Makes you think about all sorts of things, right?

[He hits the note again, briefly laughing in a way best written as 'Rouari-ri-ri-ruh'. To those that know him well enough to know his attempts to perfect a scary laugh, they may be (un)happy to know he's gotten one down, since it comes out horribly grating, almost inhuman. Particularly creepy coming from someone whose voice has not cracked.] Looking at it gives me all sorts of ideas, you know...I think I could look at it until I die...Rouari...Which is pretty appropriate, huh? ROAUARI!

Is everyone else having as much fun as me? [He hits the B flat one more time, staring at the camera for a full ten seconds in silence, eyes and smile alternating.] Oh right, I have to turn this off for you to answer, ri-ri-ruh...

♦ 012 [ video ]

[Oh hey it's Amu, she's been a bit scarce lately and kind of keeping to herself but from the video you can see she is looking kind of tired and a bit upset. Though she is trying her best not to show too much or start crying, a bit of sniffling can be heard before she starts speaking]

-- gone again this time. That idiot, it figures. People leave all the time, I guess that's nothing new. If they leave again around the same time they did before, I wonder...would that just be a coincidence too?

[Amu lets out a sigh] It looks like we're not in the best situation either with the black hole-- I mean, if we're not rescued, would that make this sort of our last month here?

[ooc; Belated post but basically Ikuto left and yeah she's feeling a bit down because she is the only one from her world left here ;; ]