January 6th, 2012

♚ Cold.

The Eleventh Case ~ [Video]

What the hell is a black hole? [Ciel is from the Victorian Age. Space is...a great mystery to him - aside from the sun, moon, planets and stars, that is.] I have a hard time believing that a hole could pose any danger. As long as our elusive "Captains" don't steer the ship into it -

[But someone had said something about gravity. And a pull.]

I'm afraid I don't understand the theory behind black holes. Could someone explain it to me?

[He has no choice. Sebastian has been missing for some time and, well, a teenager has to learn somehow.

Placing his Guide beside his bed, Ciel crawls under the covers and leans against the pillows. He glances at a window nearby, pursing his lips.]

I hate this ship. If it's not one tragedy, it's another.
Eh eh eh?

21 - {Voice}

A wh-what?! Oh no! This is dangerous! W-We have to abandon ship! H-How do we do that? Is there such a thing as space life-boats?

{Tohru's voice is high, shrill and panicky.}

C-Can I help anyone? Please d-don't be scared. I'm sure the Captains will figure it out. {If she sounded more sure of herself, her words might be comforting.} M-My name is Tohru Honda a-and -

We sh-shouldn't dwell. D-Does anyone know how to play Daihinmin? It could help us pass the time and it's a lot of fun!

[voice] 006

Now, follow me, boy, and we'll go over the dining room.

[Black hole or no black hole, someone has a Guide mis-fire to contend with. The feed starts sharply, accidentally joining the conversation at this point. The first voice is likely unknown; the one about to follow is remarkably more known]

Are we expecting guests this evening?

Expect? Expect?! Dear boy, we should expect that anything could happen. Just because there's all this nonsense about a black hole you think we should put our lives on hold?

No, sir. I apologise.

[There's some rattling of cutlery in the background, a metallic clatter that suggests someone's moving things around]

What are you doing?!

Merely fixing the cutlery. It seems someone-

What do you mean, fixing? It was perfect the way it was before. Now, I don't know how you did things on that backwater planet you came from but you're on the Thor now and you'll do things by my rules. Do I make myself clear?

Yes, sir. Understood loud and clear.

Now get to work. I want this silverwear shining!

[There's the sound of footsteps, followed by an audible sigh before the feed cuts out]