January 7th, 2012

DISBELIEF ★ you and your high horse


[The feed flickers on to Ritsuka sitting on the floor of a random hallway, with the sounds of people shuffling by. He blinks into the camera, slowly, and simply looks at it for a minute. He's a bit disheveled, but the most prominent thing are the dark rings under his eyes.

Yep, Ritsuka is one tired catboy.

He rubs one of his eyes with the palm of his hand as the unblocked eye glances up for a moment, and then back at the guide.]

... I was going to ask something, but I can't remember what it... was.

[he stares dumbly into the camera for a few more seconds before an alien passing by knocks into him and he falls over]

... Ow.

[and the feed ends.]

[ooc; YEP feel free to both action and guide it up. Ritsuka will be a little loopy due to exhaustion, and may do things and say things he normally wouldn't! He's been awake for a little over a week, thanks to his job as a sleep deprivation subject! Have fun~]
I could not be more serious

[Video] 47

I need someone to tell me how to broadcast an emergency SOS signal, a powerful one, preferably. Specifically I'm looking to send one to that ship called the Sif. I will not take this new information without trying to do something about it. The captains have proven themselves to be less than competent. I can't rely on them alone.

[A pause as he thinks, but then he looks even more serious.]

I will also pay a very large amount of money to anyone that possesses a ship and can fly it out of here safely with one passenger alongside them.


A request

Dear community,
While I understand that this ship is facing some kind of dire emergency, that does not excuse the mistreatment of the various facilities we refugees rely upon. Imminent doom hardly excuses the loss of basic civility and common sense.

So, since it seems to have slipped everyone's mind in the chaos...


This is one of the commonly used alphabets used by the ships library. There are others. When re-shelving fiction, please return the books to the shelves according to how the author's given name fits into their world's alphabet. For more information on this filing system, visit this website. Non-fiction works of any language are filed according to the numerical code on their spines. Alternatively, if these two systems are too complex for you to understand, just leave the books at the front desk to be re-shelved by a librarian.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated,
- Yakushi Kabuto, junior librarian
Crossed Arms

First log: Shepard sends us on suicide missions sometimes, but this is rediculous.

[The feed turns on to... someone in a purple hood and purple opaque face mask. Can't really tell the expression, but the rest of the body tells it's definitely a female. And from the tone of her voice, she's not happy. But really, who is in this situation?]

I... can't believe I'm doing this. Talking to strangers for no reason because the new record holder for ugliest species suggested I do. But here I am. Finish saving one galaxy to wind up who knows where else on a strange ship next to a black hole of all things. What bosh'tet managed to find their way into a black hole? Even with the Mass Effect relays that should be next to impossible.

They said that the galaxy was destroyed. Not just it's life, but the entire galaxy. How is that possible? And further, how in the world did I survive? Is anyone else from the Normandy here? Garrus? Mordin? Heck, I'd even be happy to see Legion...

Oh! Shepard! He wouldn't die from this. I just know it. He has to be somewhere. Commander Shepard. Big guy, carries a lot of guns, but usually nice unless you make him angry. Anyone seen him?

...I'm rambling again. Keelah... I should turn this off now. Probably wasted people's time. My apologies. I'll... figure something to do.