January 9th, 2012

Spiders are cute!

The Amazing Spider Girl! #1 | Spiders in space!

[The video feed cuts on...to the sight of one very large and very out-of-focus red eye staring intently. After a moment, it finally backs away, revealing the face of a blond-haired young lady staring blankly at it. She turns her attention to something off screen, speaking in excited tones.]

Mister, mister what's this?

I have already told you it is your Guide. Will you just please go to your quarters before I call security?

[The young girl is unfazed by the threat, however, as she simply giggles. The guide suddenly shifts as if it were bumped on accident, not quite centering it's view on a Vogon sitting behind it's counter. Before long, the young lady appears once again standing beside said Vogon and staring in amazement at the stacks of paperwork.]

How come there's so much? [Yamame reaches for the stacks of papers as she speaks, only to be impeded by the rather annoyed looking alien simply moving them out of her reach, trying it's ABSOLUTE BEST to simply ignore the girl who has already been in the new arrivals area for hours pestering the lot of them.]

Mister! Hey, hey mister what does Yamame do now?

[Her questions are only met by the poor Vogon ignoring her even harder. Before long a member of the security personnel plucks Yamame from behind the desk by her shirt collar, setting her down and handing her the guide, which now only broadcasts her feet.]

Please report to your quarters. Leave them to their work.

Yamame doesn't know where to go! I'm lost! I didn't know Gensokyo looked like this!

[With another giggle those feet simply lift from the ground until the view widens to the point that the security officer can be seen staring up at her.]

If you do not comply I'm afraid I will have to detain you. Please report to your quarters.

[Taking it as a challenge, Yamame simply giggles and floats off down a corridor. She's apparently hoping the individual is going to chase her down...but as she soon finds they have no interest in doing so now that she's finally left.]

Whoops! [Is the last thing that's heard as the guide hurtles toward the ground, and the video feed abruptly ends.]


[The Guide clicks on, the video feed showing a face that could probably raise the dead if the dead had Guides. This man pockmarked with Psoriasis simply stares at the screen with an expression of mild bewilderment, obviously using the machine with the practiced ease of one used to using various devices. He turns his head, looking at someone off-screen and speaking in a placid tone.]

Is there a method in which I can locate someone aboard the ship?

Will you just get out of here, please? Take the hint and use that towel after you shower!

[With no change in his expression, Jurgen turns his attention back to the guide. It shakes as if being picked up, and he's on the move. The image of various creatures behind him is that of recoiling in horror of his stench, giving him a very, very wide berth. Of course, their reactions go completely unnoticed.

He fiddles a bit with the guide with one hand as he carries it, before realizing that he's being broadcast over the vast network of the ship.]

Oh, a vox unit. Should anyone know of a man named Cain I would appreciate being informed of his location. I am his secretary and I am sure my assistance is needed.

[Jurgen is careful as he speaks, doing his best not to mention the fact that he is Imperial Guard, the Emperor, the heresies he's seen, or anything of the sort. Though this ship is obviously a crawling nest of heresies of all kinds, Jurgen is a lone warrior in a strange world. He can't have himself standing out to be killed if he's going to find the Commissar and aid him in purging this ship. If Jurgen found himself here, that meant the Commissar was here as well.

Finding Cain is his top priority, so that he may give him aid. As he fiddles a bit more with the Guide, the video feed finally times itself out, granting mercy to the network of no longer having to look upon that face of his.

It's a good thing there are no smell transmissions over the network.]
AGITATE ˟ nothing compares

004 ❉ voice/video

[Things seem a bit downcast lately, hasn't it? If you know Jade here you know very well she's been trying to be optimistic and keep people's hopes up! At least.. she was until her deprivation of sleep started affecting her mood really bad. And I mean bad. The more it gets into the month, the less contact with Jade here has started to get if you know her. At least she's moving around! ..Constantly. Sleep deprivation is a horrible job and you should pity those who have it. :(

At first what you hear is a likely unusual voice, belonging to one of the many aliens.]
Miss? Hello Miss! Miss. Helloooo? Miss. Miss, your--

What!! Can you you just PLEASE shut the FUCK up?! [That there is indeed Jade's voice, curt and snappish. But a second later an exhausted sigh is heard, the tone grumbling now.]

Sorry, just.. Ugh, what do you want?

..Your things are ready?

Oh.. yeah, right.

[Movement clicks the feed into video, showing an agitated looking Jade as she sits down with a few bags beside her. Not just agitated but she looks weary as well. Though she gives a sharp look to some aliens conversing (more like bitching) about the Black Hole.]

Instead of whining maybe you could actually join the few trying to DO something about it! [Yeah they give a look and move away, murmuring between themselves. Jade starts to rub at her temples.] God this is just making my headache worse!!
Kid; Don't Make Me Moe
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1st [video]

[The best way to get what one wants is to act cute.

And an overdose is what everyone looking at the network will get.]

I just have one question I hope someone can answer. I'll pay if I have to.

Are there any magi or magic users out there? I'd like to meet you.


[Zatanna appears on-screen.  Wearing this.]

Good thing my dad's not here to see this.  Forget grounding; he'd probably outright kill me.

[She laughs, taking the whole thing in seemingly good spirits.  Though her smile suddenly looks a little...too pleasant as she adds:]

All I can say is...good thing I work in a hospital.  'Cause, outfit aside, I'm hexing anyone who even thinks about whistling.

Got that?

Pics or it didn't happen.

004 ✦ TEXT

Greetings and salutations, residents of Thor.

K here. Been a while, hasn't it? I've spied more than a handful of new faces already, and I like what I see so far. Not to sound like a creep or anything... well, it's probably too late for that now. Woops!

But really-- if the name "Normandy" means anything to you, contact me. Sooner rather than later, preferably. You know who you are.

I'm going to end on that note because it feels kind of lame to do a text post.

... Oh, and sorry for disappearing on a lot of people who were counting on me. I have good reasons, I promise. If you're willing to hear a gal out, hit me up.

Battle 001 ☼ [Accidental Video]

[The first sight appearing on screen is an angry Vogon yelling for attention. But the teenager dressed in red is too busy taking the snow off his shoulders and hat to listen.]

Aren't you a rude human. Listen to me, you have to fill the paperwork before- ...Is that a pet?

[Red looks down where the Vogon's eyes where on: a small yellow rat who is also shaking the snow off his fur. Red nods. Pikachu's more like a partner, but who is he to argue.]

I know that thing! Humans never have less than one of those on them! You'll have to take them out for inspection and registration too! [Red arches an eyebrow, clearly asking "are you serious?". The Vogon just yells louder, getting even angrier.] Do as I say, boy!

[Red shrugs, not in the mood for an argument - besides, he likes it when his team can run around free. So he takes five Pokéballs for his belt and releases his other five huge beasts.

I think it's not necessary to explain the havoc that's now breaking in the arrivals area, is it?]

video, action

[It is obvious that Gwendolen is in a very bad mood, rather noticeable by her livid expression, the dark tone she is muttering in, and the shredded plushies around her. Things had been not going well for her ever since the Holidays.]

Stupid, blasted....
First I was turned into a cat, then Christmas was quite dull and I did not receive any present not even from St Nicholas. And then the news we are headed for a black hole and doomed.
And now I was placed with a ridiculous job this time!
[She snarls and savagely rips the skin off of a stuffed bunny and tosses it in the pile ]

If this world is ending, I'm running out of time! I have managed to improve my magic and have a dragon, but I have barely gotten anywhere! No followers, and I'm still not a queen!!

[And there goes that poor stuffed llama]
That's it, I need to get out of here! I'm sure I shall better luck somewhere else in another world! But what am going to do about the Life I need for the spell. Would it still work even if he is in another world...?

01 ❀ video

A black hole? A black hole?!

[Hi, Thor. Have a crazed teenage girl in your feed.]

Didn't this ship pick us up to rescue us? From our doomed home planets? It seems kinda pointless because apparently we're all gonna die! 

[She's just nervously fingering her braid now....accidentally pulling out hairs.]

It's not like a black hole's something I can just kick down and win a fight with....

[And suddenly her demeanor changes.] But on the chance we don't actually die: Hi! [Wave] I've never been on a spaceship before. [poking a finger in the camera] Mai? Suki? Are any of you guys here? ....I don't want to end up  a straggler....
♀ well goddamn.

anything goes return; session one

[There's a commotion going on at the New Arrivals' office! In line, you'll see a drenched red-haired pigtailed girl standing in front of a Vogon. Behind her is a blue looking humanoid, that looks as if it's shivering with... water, dripping down from it's mouth. Somehow as well, the guide seems to be picking up on the conversation at hand;]

I'm sorry, but rules will be rules, and paperwork will be done. I'll ready the change of identity form--

I don't want anythin' like that! Look, I filled out the stupid forms already and let you guys put that weird-ass fish in my ear, so what's the big problem?!

Yes, that was the human that was standing here just a second ago. However, now as you are not that same human, you must fill out different forms. If you need to use my pen, I will allow you to fill out a Pen Request Form.

Look, that ain't got nothin' to do with anything! If this bozo behind me didn't spit water at me, then this wouldn't have happened!

About that. As soon as you find your room, you are to fill out an Incident Agreement that will enable us to start the consideration for a clean up. We can't have our arrivals slipping on this mess all day, and as the water is currently dripping off of you...

Augh-- just forget it! What kind of a dumb place're you runnin' here anyway?! [Angrily, she takes the stack of forms and picks up the guide, moving the camera and walking away.]

"Outer space", my ass. Soon as I get a chance I'm makin' a break for it. [A sigh, and she lowers the stack down to look at all of it, and the guide with a irritated look on her face.]
How the hell am I s'posed to get all this done? Can't I just dump it off somewhere?

[video] Stardust

[The channel would come on, and one might see an image of the black hole from a new angle then they had seen previously, perhaps even closer to. The comm was also eerily quiet except for the quiet breaths of a single person.]

You know, even though it could mean the death of us, it's... kind if pretty, you know?

[The cam shifted, still the only sound the light breathing of Ventus as he moved himself closer to it. He was quiet for awhile as he moved slowly closer, reaching out with his armored hand to grasp at what looked sort of like what people imagine stardust to be. He let it glitter darkly in his hand before shoving it into a bag on his hip. This continued for a bit before there was a - ]

Um... crap...

I think I got to close to this thing.

[Not that they weren't close enough already, but looks like it's time for the escape! So there will be a flash that he dives his Glider into it, and for a moment he seems to be traveling through a column of swirling light, sort of like you see on those animes and sci-fi shows when they go into warp speed. When he comes out, he's in the park of the Thor, shaking his head.]

Okay, that was close. Why did I take that job again...?

[ooc: talk to him while he's gathering black hole material or when he jumps out into the park! :) ]