January 10th, 2012

3 Dinglehoppers | Video/Text

[The feed shows Ariel, carefully as she could add the final touches to a cake. Although given the fact she's never really known what a cake is, nor how to decorate one correctly it looks to be very...colourful to say the least. Various colours of icing had been places on and around the edge of the cake, some in more odd places than others and Ariel just looked extremely happy with it. Looking at the guide she made sure to show others what work she had done.]

I've never really decorated a cake before, so when someone said they wanted a colourful cake, this was my chance to learn. So, what do you lot think?

9th Taste [video]

[ooc: This takes place before this conversation happens]

[It's becoming quite the shitty month for Terezi. As though the bucket job hadn't been bad enough, this time she was stuck coming up with anti-black hole conspiracy theories whilst babysitting a reckless human who was liable to do stupid things if unwatched AND now it turned out the Alternian Empress had arrived on board without her even noticing.

Which, really, had been inevitable. Alternia did have a lot of territory up here in paradox space.

And okay, the conspiracy theory job had been her own choice because it had seemed like fun at the time. Little had she realised that by the time she came to present her theory, it would be one which she partially believed.

Just ignore any sudden movements to keep Matthew in check. There will be no black hole eating on her watch]

Alright, people of Thor. There's been a lot of bullshit on this network about black holes and how we're all going to die because a giant hole in space is going to eat us. Apparently it's all anyone can talk about at the moment, so I suppose it's only fitting I should set you straight on a few things.

We are probably all going to die. This much is true and no amount of sacrifices or rituals will change this fact. Unless you can prove yourself useful, there is every chance you will be culled.

The black hole is a lie. It's an illusion, possibly the work of the subjugglators who even now are awaiting the Empress' command. Because that is the awful truth about our situation: the Alternian Empress, Her Imperious Condescension, is aboard this ship. It is likely the ship has crossed into her territory and she has come to conquer or destroy us. Probably both if she gets in a bad enough mood.

This is what you can do: nothing. Just sit and try not to get her attention and hope she merely decides to ignore you. If she asks of you, do as she asks and don't argue. Then you might have a chance of surviving. And don't, whatever you do, mouth off to her and yes Karkat that does mean you. Otherwise, make sure your affairs are in order and await the inevitable culling.
must you always spoil the fun


[if anyone has even noticed the detective's absence (a very real one, for all of approximately two weeks-- his name, struck out of the refugee list), well, they'd notice that he's back now! he's at the Arrivals, a stack of completed forms on one side, his 'urban camouflage' costumes piled up on another...

...accompanied by a rather placid-looking black pony, which he's waving at now.]

The last time I saw this particular specimen was when I'd crossed the border from France into Germany--

[he's interrupted by a grunt from an alien bureaucrat, to which he replies:]

--no, I don't believe I'm responsible for it. Direct your queries to a one Madame Simza, she's far fonder of the animal than I would ever--

[the pony waddles over to him and starts nibbling on the hem of his jacket.]

Will you stop using my clothing as provisions.

[he hisses at the pony, who continues anyway. the feed ends.]
(PB) someone's coming

✞ || 20th Cross || [accidental video]

[Midii appears to be standing perfectly still in the hangar.  Staring.  Her expression betrays nothing, though it is clear that the object in question has her full, unwavering attention.]

[What is she staring at, you might ask?]

[...a gold limo.  Specifically, Dorothy Catelonia's gold limo.  The one she bequeathed to Midii.  For some reason.]

[Understandably, the young girl is highly suspicious.  She stares down the hood as if it could stare back, trying to discern the potential dangers.  Her eyes narrow.]

[She takes a step forward.]

[Almost that exact moment, the car horn suddenly gives a loud beep]

[Startled, she jumps back about a foot, letting out a small shriek of surprise.  Giving the vehicle one last wide-eyed expression, she turns to walk away.  Swiftly.]
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Second | Crona and Maka | Video

[the recording starts off with a close-up of a blue tank top with a little cute panda with a red bow in the middle. once this said person takes a few steps back, it is revealed to be maka, and she plops herself on her bed smiling at the guide but only giving the recording its brief attention. her main focus is somewhere off screen to her right.]

C'mon, don't be shy.

Collapse )