January 11th, 2012


001: Video

[The video begins with a pretty but nonplussed brown-haired woman peering at the Guide, her new towel hanging over her shoulder. If you notice the odd way her eyes are focused along with the small pink marks on either side of her nose, it's evident that she's used to glasses she's not wearing right now.]

Is it a common event to return from death here? I don't think they would have asked if it wasn't possible. [Of all the things to ask when she first arrives, one little question on the refugee form is what she's worried about? She looks a bit melancholy about it though before shaking her head.]

Anyway, is the name "Professor Layton" familiar to anyone? [They told her there were many alternate versions of Earth, so asking about London wouldn't work, would it? Anyone she knows should recognize that name, instead; Hershel's famous enough. Who knows, maybe she'll even find the man himself.]

01 ☸ video

[Hi, Thor. the first thing you get to see on this feed is a finger. It seems to be glowing purple.]

--ork? I usually do not descend to the level of petty irritation, but for the love of all holy, I cannot use this device. 

[the camera floats upward and away, until the full figure of the woman can be seen. Though there is a purple filter over the screen as well as a purple stream of...God-knows-what coming from her raised finger.]

Hello? [She calls behind her.] Hello? May I have some help please? I can practice advanced magic! I can pilot a large sea vessel! But I cannot work this! 

[She sort of reels the device back in like a fish on a line, and jabs a few miscellaneous buttons. The feed ends up flipping upside-down.]

Sanae-san, if you're here, could you help me? I know you lived in the Outside World. Girls your age know technology, right?

[Her voice suddenly loses all of its vivaciousness.] Are...are any of you girls here? Shou-san? Murasa-chan? Ichirin-chan? ...hello?