January 12th, 2012

"no matter what you say"

sixth target [accidental video]

[Hello, Thor! You are going to be hearing a few muffled noises from your guide. They seem to belong to some aliens, amongst some other outside commotion.]

Whoa! Just how did you manage to get a cake this big? And why isn't it on fire as it has been for all of my birthdays thus far?

Well, we all figured that you'd be picky about the type of cake you get this time around, and none of us could decide on a flavor, so we figured that you wouldn't mind if we just got you one that's gigantic. Plus, we've been looking into it for the past few years, and it appears that setting your cake on fire and waiting for the candles and cake to melt actually makes it taste worse. So! Instead, we will be lighting small fires, and only to the candles this time.

I don't know. Something about that doesn't sound all that right. Ah well, I'll give it a shot. Hand me the firestick.

[A few seconds later, and everything is complete! Though there's the tiniest sound, that sounds like a female sucking her teeth.] Tsk.

Right! In accordance with your yearly celebration, we are all very proud to present you with this cake. Enjoy! Oh, no, wait. Before you dig into it, you are supposed to blow out the candles. We just talked about this.

Are you sure? ...well alright. Just this one time.

[Suddenly, there's one puff of breath.] Three. [Another puff.] Two. [Another.] One. [One more, followed by the sound of ammunition being loaded into a gun, and a loud pop.]

You wanted a bunny girl?! Huh?! I'll show ya a bunny girl! [Followed by the sound of gunfire and a few disagreeing grunts of disapproval at what's happening. After a while of this going on, there's a few clicking sounds. No more bullets.] Tch. Enjoy what's left of your cake, ya bastards. [Lodging her guns back into her basket, she notices that her guide isn't in there. It's actually lodged in the cake. So after getting it out, she wipes it clean, accidentally turning the video feed on.]

There we go. [Enjoy that view of Bonnie Hood, minus her usual clothes and plus a bunny girl outfit, a rather disheveled room and a few unpleased looking aliens, looking as if what happened was really more of just a mild inconvienience. In the background:]

I think we're going to skip the celebration next year.

[And the feed cuts off.]
Do I look smart?

The Amazing Spider Girl! #2 | Searching

[Audio | Unfiltered]

[Yamame is slowly figuring this thing out...she had meant to broadcast video but she screwed it up, of course.]


Parsee-neeeeeeeeeee! Where are you, Parsee-nee! Tell Yamame where you are!

Yamame will bring you snacks! Hehe!

Parsee-nee where are you! Koishi-chan said you were here! Answer Yamame!

Does anyone want to play?

[The feed rather abruptly cuts off at this point.]

[ Video ]

[ Oh, look. A towel! To be specific, the towel every refugee is awarded upon arrival. Saber holds this towel up, allowing the linen to unfold. She is holding it in a rather unusual way--her left hand gripping the linen between her index and middle finger, as opposed to between index and thumb. There is nothing unusual to those who are not eagle-eyed.

While kneeling upon the ground, she places the unfolded towel out before her, and takes a few moments to study this linen. Now, with her inquiry: ]

What is the purpose of this item? There are towels provided in the dormitory bathrooms. 
snorting tea


[Howdy there, Thor. It's Fox's first transmission since before he was carted off to jail/the maximum security dog pound, aaaaaand, what do we have here. In the background it looks like a fancy boutique that's packed with even fancier ladies clothing. There are three well dressed ladies in the foreground, the first is a chubbycute human lady, the second is a beautiful young lass in a pretty pink dress, and the third lady is actually just Fox in a cutsey lolita thing. And holy shit does he look annoyed.]

Look, you hired me to sell your products, not to wear them. I'm not wearing this.

Daaaahling, our wanted add specifically said we wanted ladies to work this month. Ladies to wear the merchandise, to show it off. You're just going to have to deal with it. Besides, it looks cute on you.

[Chubbycute human lady starts adjusting the ruffles of Fox's skirt while the other, super sexy alien creature comes over with a couple tubes of lipstick]

Shuga, do y'all think yer more of a 'fire engine red' or 'stormy pink'?

Neither! Look, I'm not being paid enough for this!

Well, maybe you should have thought about that before taking the job. We've got you for the month, you signed a contract and everything.

[Fox looks like he wants to complain some more, but he can't argue with that. There's some faint giggling from behind the guide, and Fox and the boutique chicks glance over at the source.]

...Is my guide recording?


Then why is the light on!?


[the feed ends just as Fox lunges directly at whoever is recording with his guide 8U]
I'll use my mind.

22 - {Video}

{The normally lively Tohru is sitting at her desk, a pencil in her hand. Although her self-made journal is open, she isn't writing in it. Under the last entry, there are poorly drawn portraits of some of the people she has met on the ship.}

I wonder if we're dreaming. {Her eyes become a little more focused.} What if we're all sharing the same dream? Wouldn't that be amazing? {She puts down her pencil and smiles to herself.} That would mean we were meant to meet each other and to know about other worlds.

{She inhales deeply and sighs.} It makes me feel very small when I think of it that way.

{OOC: I've decided on Tohru's birthday. It's based on her being able to stand up when it was still chilly (thus her being about 8 months old). Therefore, she was probably born in mid-summer. I chose the sixth of June because the number six symbolizes peace-makers. Perfect for Tohru, no?}
Wanted to hear you fade out.

18 ✧ ≼it seemed i was always leaving, maybe you know that feeling?≽


If anyone knows or cares about Abarai Renji, he's in the hospital.

[seems like grave news, but Riku's voice is a careful monotone with an unattached expression; he's sporting fresh bruises and bandages and a plastic strip attached to his wrist that might say he's a victim, too]

If you ask the purple cyclops nurse in the lobby, she should point you to his room.

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Thirteenth Use [Accidental Video]

[The image was a bit off kilter, likely having been discarded in the process of Trowa's current mission to avoid it being a casualty. It was still clear enough that the mechanic, back in his rather ugly but useful overalls from the Barton Foundation, was busy. Even the maintenance robot he was working on was more vocal than he was, beeping in a rather distinctive temperamental manner.]

[Stubborn robot. It was quite obviously needing repairs, but was fighting the mechanic tooth and nail. Except for the teeth, unless one counted the gears Trowa had already managed to extract. The boy was being good-he hadn't tried shooting the thing. Yet.]

[If the slight glare he was sending at it was anything to go by, it was getting there unless someone managed to distract him.]

with great COURAGE...

Dear residents of the Thor,
Alright, before everyone goes off the deep end and assumes we're all going to die, why don't all of you scientists-types help me out with something.

Anyone recognize these?
Collapse )
They're 'dimensional pliers', something the people of my world made to deal with space anomalies. Like, you know, giant black holes. They'll rip the black hole apart and the Thor should be able to withstand the resulting explosion easily. I've got the plans, but don't have the knowledge to make the parts or code the locking sequence.

So if any of you mechanics or scientists have free time between your existential angst and writing your last will and testament, I'd suggest you come to the docking bay and help me save everyone's lives.
- Renee out

‡ two | video

[ Hey, it's that strange kid again, and this time, he is standing in what looks like a dank and creepy place, surrounded by people in strange brown robes with hoods. His hood is down and he looks about as happy to be there as a clam in a fire pit. Currently a guy in a mask - with a price tag still dangling from the rubber horn - is patiently trying to get him to chant along with everyone else. ]

How hard is it? All you have to do is sing 'Aie! Ftagn! Ftagn! Shub-Niggurath! We're on the winning side to see the aftermath!'

[ There is a moment of Date staring at the guy and then he raises his arms out, fingers spread wide and calls them all idiots. ]

Puerile lout.

[ And of course there is silence for a minute while people check their fishes for translations. ]

Yes but can you do it with feeling?

[ And from out of no where comes a finely painted mask that Date covers his face with and proclaims - in a suddenly deep voice - his impatience with this whole mess.

Obtuse palaver.

[ooc; Dante got signed up for cult member this month. Dante is not good with words that others create. Hence Dante is refusing to chant the cult's words or do their posing because he is way better than them at this sort of thing. Enjoy? ]