January 14th, 2012

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✘ .//. 002 ☁ Water Whips .//. [ VIDEO/ACTION ]

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[ It seems like everyone around has gotten really upset, depressed, or angry about this black hole situation. Katara can relate, she feels uncertain because LAWL WHAT IS A BLACK HOLE RIGHT? she has no idea how to combat something this big, but seeing Aang losing hope is what's pushed her over. Yep.

So now you all get to listen to one of Katara's overly emotional speeches about HOPE that she totally gives all the time pep talks. ]

I know that almost everyone is freaked out about this black hole business, but we're all still here for now. The people that I've met here are some of the most resourceful, imaginative people that I know. There's no reason that we can't all put our heads together and come up with SOMETHING that could help!

I'm not willing to give up without a fight. We're getting out of this one way or another.

[ Determined waterbender is determined.

Don't take that the wrong way, it's not like she's accusing anyone except that this is kinda directed at you and Zuko, Aang, just stating a fact. GOOD FOR HER, RIGHT? ]

Teo, Rapunzel, Zuko, Suki, Ty Lee, Aang, and anyone else that's familiar with this "space ship" technology, or just wants to help, meet me in the hangar in thirty minutes. [ END FEED. ]

10th Prescription | Black Hole Sun

[Having found the time between working and keeping up with her duties as a doctor, Eirin has been mulling over something for quite a while. Though she's been doing her best to study up on it, she's no farther than she was before, so she's taken to the network.]


[Eirin looks somewhat fatigued as she sits with the bridge of her nose pinched between her thumb and forefinger. She doesn't move, but instead opens her eyes and looks toward the guide.]

I am completely unfamiliar with the method through which this ship travels insane distances, so I have decided to ask any of you with the knowledge for a sort of discussion on the matter. I would like to keep this discussion to those who actually know something about it, despite the fact that we may not be able to do anything about it.

This..."Infinite Improbability Drive," as they call it...a strange method through which this ship is able to slip beyond the boundaries of reality and move through space impossibly.

As such, this drive does not seem to rely on propulsion, but rather a randomizing of events that is based in the realm of what it keeps referring to as "infinite improbability." I don't understand how such a thing works...though something has occurred to me. If this drive is based upon improbability, why has it simply not been activated during this supposed crisis?

This is likely the first time I have had to do so, but I am quite literally begging for answers on this matter. My theory stands as thus: If the drive operates on improbability, and the only probability of being caught within the gravity well of a Black Hole is certain destruction...then why has the drive not been activated? Considering the supposed operation of such a thing, the only option for such a thing is to produce the absolute improbability of the THOR escaping its current fate of being compressed into oblivion within the superdense core of the Black Hole. If such a drive were to be activated, wouldn't its only option be to produce the absolute improbability of escaping such a thing rather easily?

Am I reading into this incorrectly, or have the ship's systems been so damaged already that such a thing cannot be done? Is the improbability of escaping such a thing something even this "drive" cannot handle? Or is the improbability of such a thing being able to exist actually a mask for the fact that this system is not as improbable as it claims, and we are simply powered by propulsion and thus cannot escape the gravity well?

I know my speculation will really come to nothing helpful, but I would most certainly like to know more about this if anyone has any information. Conflicting theories are also quite welcome.

Perhaps I simply wish to take my mind off of it for a while. I am running myself ragged trying to understand something so...preposterous.

[Eirin finally sighs, removing her hand from the bridge of her nose. She promptly reaches toward the guide, and shuts the feed off.]
Lovable Loser Like Brittany~<3

Brittanyism #BlackHoleSun [Accidental Audio]

--he infamous Black Hole!  Step carefully, ladies and gentleman, and please hold all question until the end of this flash card.  Thank you.


The black hole is a mysterious Entenmann's Cupcake that was once studied by a Hawk named Stephen.  They're very dark, and very self-absorbed.  ...I'll bet you they watch Twilight, cut themselves, and listen to Nickleback, even.  So large, not even light can escape.  Or time.  Or pretty much anything; it's believed that the black hole eats so much in a single minute, that it can actually stop time itself.

You know what?  If this black hole is so big and eating stuff all the time, everybody's problems would be solved if it just went on a diet or something.


[It's not with... a good purpose Allen pops up in the feed today. He's looking pretty warn out from watching the child that lives in his apartment, not to mention he looks a little concerned.]

Hey, has... anyone seen Kanda Yuu around...? Tall guy, long dark hair, usually shooting daggers with his eyes?

I've got a feeling he overworked himself and passed out somewhere... [That clearly must be it because... Kanda wouldn't just not come home B<.] He didn't show up last night.. or at all tonight, so I'm a little concerned; what with the black hole out there.

A-anyway, if you see him lying on the ground.. tell him the beansprout's burning down his kitchen. That should do it...

Thanks! [Click.]

Event start!

[The intercom cackles to life, and a voice begins to speak!]

--Panic! I repeat, nobody panic!

While we are currently...somehow...wedged halfway into the black hole, all departments are reporting all systems operating as normal! The Infinite Improbability Drive has been engaged, and seems to be providing stability throughout the station.

Rest assured we are even now working on a solution to this rather unique situation! Hopefully we'll think of something before too much longer!

[And on that last, slightly panicky note, the intercom goes quiet.]

Collapse )
broken portrait of a girl

7 has the highest probability of occurring when rolling dice - [Voice]

The sun went away. Just... melted away and now I can't find her and she's gone. She went away and everything's dim now.

She went home and it's better because she's safe there. People that care about her are there.

[River takes a deep breath because she knows she can't freak out now. Nobody to put her back together except herself.]

Kaylee went home. Serenity is still here but Kaylee's gone. I'll try to work on the beacon she had going, help boost the signal.
As imperceptibly as grief

007 - [Video]

[Byakuya is sitting at the kitchen table in 6-10b. And if one were to pay attention to what is on the table, they would see a small cake.

Yes, it is a little too well-made for a baking amateur. Because this is the backup he bought in anticipation of any baking failure. And, yes, he has used icing to make Chappy faces on it. Don't judge. He loves his sister, that's all.]

Rukia. If you are not busy today, I would like if you would come over.

[Aaaand with that short, sweet message, he turns off the Guide.]

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aren&#39;t we clever; mr. flintstone.

chapter twenty-seven [voice]

...[Over the guide, have a rather familiar yet oddly... feminine deadpan voice coming over the guide.]

I see that the "DON'T PANIC" mantra shockingly once again conflicts with what I really want to do. Seriously! I think I would have rather been sucked up by the black hole! Not that this is completely horrible, but everything about it just feels unnatural to me. Not so much as being a Sentret or being stuck in a penguin suit, but it still just feels... odd.

Either way, needless to say, I'm not coming out of my room until this whole situation with the black hole is taken care of. [Sigh.] If it's not one thing, it's another. And all of these clothes are too big--

[And the feed cuts out. Roomies are free to find Kyonko wearing an oversized button-up shirt and a pair of... really baggy pants. Over a feminine frame, of course.]

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