January 16th, 2012

♔ Enraged.

The Thirteenth Case ~ [Video]

[Keeping secrets simply isn't allowed on the Thor. At least that's what the Guide has decided. As such, it turns on at a very inopportune moment. The Earl is wearing a loose shirt that does not quite conceal his breasts. Additionally, he has long, silky blue-black hair. (For reference.)]

I see why corsets are useful. [He scowls and cups his breasts in his hands. The shirt clings mercilessly. It even rises an inch or two to expose some of Ciel's smooth, pale thigh.] Is this supposed to teach me a lesson?

[He drops his hands to his sides and wrinkles his nose in distaste. Something about the Guide catches his eye, however, and he turns in horror.]

...no. No! [Picking up the device, he hurls it across the room.

To say the Earl is mortified would be an understatement.]


Oh very funny Mr. Improbability Drive. You know how much this is going to get in the way of my work?


Sorry about that...

Ergh. At least I can breath in space, now.

Residents of 3-30. I won't be home for a few days, thanks to not being able to fit through the door. Don't sell all of my stuff, please.

If anyone needs to find me, I'll be in the hanger.
- Renee

[OOC: for the event, Renee has been turned into a Robot! Specifically, she's got the body of one of her subordinates, KouRyu. So she's a giant, very pink mech. Enjoy~]

Melody 08-video

Um, well this could be a problem...
[Miku is staring in confusion at the group of other Mikus in the room, who also seem quite confused. There is included a Miku in a 17th century middle class dress, a Miku with a tiara and club marking, an ill looking Miku in a circus dress and goat legs instead of human, and a beat up looking Miku in a school uniform, and more.]

Ok, all you other mes, There has been some time of temporal universe space mix thing occured, but I don't think it will last long, so you'll be able to go home soon.
In the meantime I guess, just stay right here, stay out of trouble, this sci-fi stuff could be too much for you...
I'll be right back with a snack for you all, Hachune keep an eye on them...

(ooc: For the drive, besides normal Vocaloid Miku there is now a bunch of her AU roles from her music videos. Feel free to interact with any of them)
♀ oh ho ho~, ♀ and now for the fun part

21 [video]

[There is a very attractive blonde on your screens folks, with a black cat perched on her shoulder who she's petting very gently.]

Well now, I for one find it reassuring that the Improbability Drive is still functioning despite our currently precarious position in the void of space, so that I suppose is some small comfort to take from the situation.

[Oh look, she's pulled a small white fan out from seemingly nowhere and is using it to half conceal her face as she flaps it delicately.]

So with that in mind, perhaps some of patrons aboard this vessel would like to stop treating my business like it's a free-for-all. I would also like to point out that just because I am currently occupying a shapelier form, it does not mean that I am incapable of doing what's necessary to defend my livelihood. And I will do so in stilettos which I know from experience hurt considerably more than a pair of geta.

[The cat hops off her shoulder and starts to climb the wall of the Urahara Shoten Space Station Outlet. Urahara- stiletto heels, figure hugging mini-skirt (in tribute to a dearly departed friend) and all- watches her go with a smile.]

Oh, and I'd like to point out that today is free chocolate day for any passenger on board who has recently had their [delicate cough goes here] plumbing reworked. I hear it's supposed to be quite good for shock~

Collapse )
[h] Lulled away

Thunderclouds -- 04 [Accidental Video]

[Well, for whatever's going on right now with black holes and improbability, the person this Guide is recording gives little to no care right now. They're curled up with a pillow and sleeping soundly. It's a white-haired woman with (maybe) familiar markings and a really loose tunic tied on... but the rounded ears and long, faintly striped tail are either bewildering the viewer.... or being the most awkward of good hints to who this is.]

...How'd this end up here?

[The telltale red light is receiving a sleepy glare before her face is buried back into the pillow.]

Mmm... Don't want to be harassed right now, Guide. Leave me be.

[A whip of her tail cuts the feed.]

[OOC: Rule 63 knows no bounds, even for humanized Brush God fanart. Go Tamiya. Replies will be by voltigress.]