January 17th, 2012

bunny girl - blah blah

❄ 6 [video] a mild and most bewildered little shade

[Well someone looks irritable today. And rather... bunny-rific. Seems the species-swap did a number on her and turned her fake ears-for-popping-out-of-cake purposes into, well. Real rabbit ears. That seem to be, in fact, her ears now, judging by the way the twitch at every little sound.]

Given everything that's going on, we've got to deal with something so...

[Normally Rukia isn't lost for words, but it's big and insignificant in the face of a black hole and that sort of thing makes everything that would be weird sort of mundane and easier to deal with. Giving it up, she huffs a sigh and mutters something about this not being a good birthday present.

However, after a moment a new consideration gives her pause.]

Though they are sort of cute. Still, if we're going to be faced with all these troubles I do wish I could be my proper self for them. These ears hurt when you bang them on doorways, no matter how polite the doors are...

[And in this midst of all this...THIS Rukia is still showing up to her job--most days at least--since it's not like she needs half the uniform anymore.

That's right, anyone who's ordered a cake-with-bunny-girl (or got ordered one by a friend, or as a prank, or...) might find one Kuchiki Rukia inside the cake, real ears, tail and yes, cute bunny-girl uniform inside.

With confetti!]