Nanashii (invisiblename) wrote in gargleblasted,

Fifth Use [Accidental Video] Backdated to Mirror Event

[Nothing unusual with someone just walking down a hallway, right? Even if it was Nanashii, the boy without a name that he was comfortable taking for himself yet. Right.]

[Except for when something seemed to catch his eye, causing his head to turn and his steps to pause, a frown reaching his eyes before they widened just a little. The feed even obliged to move with his focus, showing he was looking at a store selling mirrors-of all things.]

[His reflection? No, look harder. Sure, his reflection was there, but over his shoulder was someone unfamiliar. And he did not look happy, if that glare directed at the teen was anything to go by.]

... But you're dead...

[OOC: Action or video is welcome! Basically, the mercenary captain (for anyone familiar with Episode Zero) has come back to haunt Nanashii. Other people can even see him. So, have fun?]
Tags: trowa barton

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