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Greetings, fellow Thor residents. I notice we have had an influx of newcomers of late - I trust you are all adjusting to your new circumstances and hope that what I am about to disclose will go some way towards assisting in that endeavour.

For the rest of you, by now you should be in possession of your invitation to the forthcoming Winter Gala. However, as these invitations will be required in order to gain entry, I have enclosed with this broadcast a digital copy in case you should happen to misplace the original - or in case you were yet to arrive when the paper incitations were distributed.

I would also like to take this opportunity to advise you all of the security arrangements for the occasion. I'm sure I don't need to tell you that the very reason Preventer exists is to protect the refugee portion of the population. As such, there will be stringent checks on all attendees upon their arrival to the Gala. Anyone thinking they can get away with smuggling inappropriate items had best reconsider if they don't wish to spend the night under interrogation.

Additionally, anyone wishing to bring weapons with them will have to submit a request to Preventer Headquarters detailing their reasons for feeling that said weapons will be necessary. Approval is on a strict case-by-case basis and anyone who is approved will be required to bring their paperwork with them on the night of the Gala.

Now that we are all clear on that matter, I hope that many of you will be confirming your attendance. All involved in the preparations for this event have put a lot of effort into ensuring a Gala which is not to be missed. As noted on the invitation itself, all RSVPs are to come via myself.

Thank you for your time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

cordially invites you to attend
a winter gala


to be held at 6pm
until dawn

cocktails and hors d'oevres 
to be served
throughout the evening

Sneedronningen Ballroom
Recreational District, S. S. Thor

Black & White Formal Attire

RSVP via NETWORK to Kyoya Ohtori

[ooc: Digital notes courtesy of Rebecca: Potential revelers will note an inviting, wintry shimmer to the digital invitations they're sent on their Guides; in particular, "RSVP" seems to stand out. For the sake of convenience, there's a handy electronic RSVP function coded in. The recipient need only select those words, and a form message will appear. Their name is prefilled, along with an additional space for a guest--optional, of course.

ooc note from me: Feel free to handwave the RSVP and the registering of weapons - just as long as it would be reasonable that they could convince Preventer that yes, they need that weapon. Also thanks to Robyn for the invitation code]
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