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Mostly Harmless Mods

Event start!

[Intercom time again!]

Well, we hope everyone enjoyed their time on Mineralisc! By now we've departed and the Drive has been engaged, so, I hope no one was left behind!

[cue obnoxious mousey laughter]

Please sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride to our next destination! ...Which we'll tell you all about once we know what it is ourselves!

[And the intercom switches off without further ceremony.]

OOC Info:

× Please comment to the AC page! One post of any flavor (network or log) is preferred, but if RL ate your November, as it is wont to do, please don't worry! Even if you haven't got any activity, please let us know you're still around by commenting to your AC thread(s) to keep yourself out of the running for when we sweep idle journals next month.

× The December Promotions and Room Upgrades post is up!

× Now, about that event:

It must be my animal magnetism, baby...
Okay, so! For those who'd like to participate, decide if your character's polarization is positive or negative, and go for it! Here are some things:

× A character's 'magnetic field' only affects other people who are also affected. They won't suddenly find themselves sticking to the refrigerator, or picking up paperclips, or ducking as small sharp bits of metal come flying towards them. So it's not a true magnetic field - it just acts like one in certain (hideously awkward) social settings.

× Characters who are 'stuck' together are not stuck that way permanently. With a little concentrated effort from both parties, getting 'unstuck' may seem difficult, but it's not impossible if both (or all? :O) parties cooperate. Getting friends to help is totally not cheating! The same applies to characters who are 'repelled' from one another - it's difficult for two characters with matching polarities to touch, and probably uncomfortable, but not impossible.

The event starts right now and will run through late Wednesday, November 30th. We'll try to have December missions up the following day, on Thursday the 1st.

Hopefully that answers the major questions!
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