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Event end!

[The intercom clicks on to the sounds of a triumphant kazoo fanfare, and one of the captains begins to squeak! I mean, speak!]

Hellooooo, residents of the Thor! Did you have a good weekend? I sure did!

[Another voice speaks up, quietly, grumbling:] Get to the point, Fluffums.

I spent aaaaaaaall weekend with Smudgy! It was the best! Right Smudgy? We can do that again sometime, right? Right?

WRONG. Get on with the announcement or I'm doing it for you.

O-Oh! Right! -AHEM!- We have achieved normality! I repeat, we have achieved normality! Anything you can't deal with is entirely your problem! And and and! We've just entered orbit around the planet Eructo! Shuttles will begin running tomorrow! U-um...I think that's everything!

Captain Fluffums out!


OOC Info:

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has this to say about the planet Eructo:

Despite having sporadic sunlight at best, Eructo is one of the warmest inhabited planets in the galaxy. The core of this tiny planet is extremely hot, and frequently molten magma will break through in fissures and devastate entire valleys, or one of the many volcanos will erupt and destroy large areas, and the result is temperatures that rarely drop below scorching. The only source of water on this planet is through hot springs, which local insist are better than a cool bath after a day in the mountain. And while any sane member of the galaxy might decide to give this one a skip, if that doesn't describe you, it's worth popping by to check out their cities, built to be moved as soon as volcanic activity is detected in the area. There's also a thriving agriculture, and if you're a salesman, they're always looking for a new a/c system to test against the clouds of ash.

Eructo stats:
Suns: 1, rarely seen
Sky color: Blue, when it's not hidden behind ash clouds.
Day length: 9 hours, galactic standard time.
Climate: Hot. And by hot we mean hot. Not mid-summer, just-ran-out-of-ice-cream hot, but the kind of hot the inside of your oven might reach that day.
Largest city: Hot Town.
Chief attractions: Hot Town, The Bubbling Sea


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And that's all for this post!
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