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TEXT/AUDIO; 2.o13 ☇ work till you're raw then drink away the bruises


There'll be a meet regarding the potential on-board refugee-run defence organisation within a fortnight. Aims of the meet: to discuss the groups's structure and intent; time for questions, ideas and concerns; discussion of the possibility to use the group as a tool for teaching and preparing those without a predefined military skill set or understanding; an opportunity to offer up teaching services and strategic services for those interested in involvement in areas outside of direct training. 

The meet's open for anyone. If you want to attend, please leave your name in a private response - I'll get back to you with the date and venue once they're concrete. Any questions about the meet or anything related can be directed to Abarai Renji in the meantime.

[that sent out, Renji finally settles down to relax. for the past few weeks, he's been working quietly and tirelessly, making sure he's got everything sorted and settled, plans made and tightened and ideas ready to be put forward to whoever wants to listen]

[now, though? now that it's out there and he's set the ball rolling and there's nothing to do but wait? it's about time he immediately decimate his own credibility with a quick declaration of:]

We're goin' drinkin', Thor. Who's with me?

[ooc: responses to names given will come in the form of a link to the log in a week or so's time, unless accompanied by a question or comment he feels needs a personal response! 8)]
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