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[The guide clicks on, showing the common room of 3-30, the view skewed by the way the computer had been tossed onto the couch. Renee comes on screen, murmuring quietly to something in her arms.]

Hey, Junior. What's wrong, huh?

[She turns, and yes, she's holding one of those egg-babies from the home-ec class. It is fussing quietly.]

Shh. Alright, baby. Listen to me. My mom told me this every night for fifteen years, so I guess I should say the same to you.

You're important, do you hear me? No matter what anyone else says. I know its hard growing up without a dad, but just because he isn't here doesn't mean he doesn't love you. Sometimes...sometimes you can't be with the people that are the most important to you. But that means you have to be strong alone.

And you
will grow up strong. Just like me, just like your dad. We are so proud of you, and don't let anyone, ever, make you feel otherwise.

Now, ready to make that parcel run? We can beat that record this time, right?

[The egg giggles once and the video times out.]
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