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Event start!

[The intercom clicks on, and there is a ~*dramatic silence*~ before someone draws a deeeeeeeeep breath and exclaims:]

Guys! Guys! Guys guys guys! The floor is lava!

[There's another pause, quite a lot less dramatic than the first, and a bored voice responds:]

Yes, thank you, Fluffums. Good evening, Thor, these are your captains speaking. We are aware of the situation with the floor and the lava -

The floor is lava!

- Yes, thank you, Fluffums. Please be assured that this is merely a result of the Infinite Improbability Drive's being engaged, and will go away once we reach our next destination in approximately 96 hours.

[Fluffums interrupts again in an excited whisper:]

The floor is lava!

Nobody panic, and have a nice day!

[And the intercom clicks off.]

OOC Info

The floor is lava!
The event this month is a pretty basic environmental change - it's up to individual players which sections of the ship their characters encounter are coated in the stuff, and which sections are perfectly normal (as always there are parts of the ship that are unaffected; participation is optional!). Furniture and inanimate objects are strangely unaffected. An entire living room could be arranged perfectly and alarmingly in the middle of a huge lava pool. Objects might float around in it, or remain stationary - so you could have either a couch raft upon which your character braves the dread lava seas, or a fortified couch island, upon which your character attempts to survive for the next four days on stale crackers and old popcorn that have dropped down between the sofa cushions.

The event will last from now through to late on Sunday, January 1st (probably around this same time again), at which point we'll be revealing next month's planet. The monthly missions post will follow on Monday the 2nd.

Miscellaneous announcements:

×) If you want your character to get a room upgrade or wage increase, the Room Upgrades and Promotions post for the month is up and open until January 2nd!

×) Even if you don't have any activity this month (which is fine, since none is required!), please comment to your characters' threads on the AC page so we know you're still around when we go through and weed out idle journals in a few weeks.

×) Also, concerning AC, we're taking the optimistic outlook and planning on returning to our usual activity requirements beginning in January. Naturally, we'll let you know if this changes, but at this time, please plan on making your usual two posts / post + thread(s) for next month!

That's everything for now!
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