Rapunzel (hairraisingly) wrote in gargleblasted,

[I've got a dream, I've got a dream, I just want this blue faced monster to stop following me| Video

[ The guide flickers on to a panicked looking Rapunzel. She’s holding the guide herself so it’s not staying straight. She glances backwards and then back to the Guide. ]

Um... I sort of have a problem here guys. N-no big.. but..

[ She tilts the guide showing a trail of blond hair that is wrapped tightly around a scary Blue faced man in the background. He isn’t moving much, maybe his chest rises every once in a while, but that’s it. Or maybe he’s just dead. ]

This Monster? He sort of.. kind of attacked me and kidnapped me. But uh... that’s not exactly the worst part.

[ She glances away from the guide again, and her eyes seemed to shine with fear. ]

The floor is sizzling and gurgling...


[ooc: This takes place right after the Drive event starts. And her lovely kidnapper who has now become the kidnappeelooks like that. ]
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