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Event end!

[The intercom clicks on, and before the designated spokes-captain can begin speaking, the shrill sound of a prolonged, terrified scream can be heard in the background.]


*AHEM!* This is your captain speaking! We have achieved normalty! I repeat! We have acheieved normaltiy. From this point on anything you can't deal with is entirely your own problem.

AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa black hole black hole Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[followed by the announcer's hissed aside: ]

Will someone please shut Fluffums up? I'm trying to make the announcement!

*Ahem!* Sorry about that everyone --




[And then there's a thwack! followed by a thump! as of a small, mole-shaped body dropping heavily to the ground after being roundhouse kicked in the face by a similarly small, mouse-shaped person.]

As I was trying to say! The Thor is unfortunately caught in the gravitational well of a black hole, and is being slowly but unavoidably drawn towards it. Never fear! We are currently broadcasting our unique S.O.S. signal to the rest of the fleet, and expect to have someone out to help us within the month!

We do apologize for the lack of an interesting planet to visit this month...hopefully we'll have something better for you next time!

[And with that cheerful conclusion, the intercom feed cuts off.]


As the captain kind of failed to mention in the face of bigger concerns, the lava has dried up! Temperatures are back to normal, there is no longer any danger of getting 3rd degree burns from a careless misstep, and, in fact, no evidence to be found anywhere that the floors of the Thor were ever lava. So that's one worry out of the way, at least!

But moving on to the NEXT worry:

The black hole the Thor is precariously circling is indeed a real thing! But nobody panic - the outcome of this situation depends on how things go OOCly within the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow (Monday, January 2nd), we'll be posting missions at the usual time of late o'clock. As a reminder, related to that - the January promotions post will be closing at the end of tomorrow, so if your character has earned a promotion or if you'd like for them to move to a new room, be sure to leave a comment there!

Tuesday, January 3rd is when we'll be posting our follow-up player poll in the OOC community regarding moving the game off of Livejournal. The outcome of that poll (whether we move or stay) will determine the course of the black hole plot we just introduced! So either way, we're hoping to have an interesting month.

And that's it for now!
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