Mojo Jojo (evilplans) wrote in gargleblasted,
Mojo Jojo

number three [video]

[Someone starts their feed off by evilly laughing! In a secret location (that is totally not his room) sits Mojo Jojo! Look at how he's smirking.]

Oh, nooooo! A black hole, how frightening! Perhaps our fearless captains will save us all! Dear me, if they don't, whatever shall we do! Ha! It was only a matter of time before one of these popped up, and I am glad I am here to witness it! Though yes, now I do have to figure out a way to save myself before the inevitable happens, at the very least, if I do not, then the rest of you shall fall with me! Unless any of you believe you can outfly a black hole. Which is impossible! Nothing can escape a black hole! It is inescapable! That is to say, no one, least of all here, can escape from it!

[Suddenly, a condescending smile comes upon his face.]

Unless of course, the Powerpuff Girls-- all three of them, including the two that seem too shy to speak to anyone onboard-- can save you. And even then, ha! That is highly doubtful! Not even they could be strong enough to do that!

[And he concludes the way he started.

With an evil laugh.]
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