Hinamori Amu (guardianjoker) wrote in gargleblasted,
Hinamori Amu

♦ 012 [ video ]

[Oh hey it's Amu, she's been a bit scarce lately and kind of keeping to herself but from the video you can see she is looking kind of tired and a bit upset. Though she is trying her best not to show too much or start crying, a bit of sniffling can be heard before she starts speaking]

-- gone again this time. That idiot, it figures. People leave all the time, I guess that's nothing new. If they leave again around the same time they did before, I wonder...would that just be a coincidence too?

[Amu lets out a sigh] It looks like we're not in the best situation either with the black hole-- I mean, if we're not rescued, would that make this sort of our last month here?

[ooc; Belated post but basically Ikuto left and yeah she's feeling a bit down because she is the only one from her world left here ;; ]
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