River Tam (amygdalated) wrote in gargleblasted,
River Tam

6 is the smallest perfect number - [Voice]

Black hole. Heavy gravity well.

It's hungry, keeps pulling in more. Pulling us in because we're the biggest bite it's had in a long time.

We get pulled in, even a ship this big won't make it. Not sure what'll give first. Windows might go first in the pressure, suck out everything before the safety protocols go up.

The lucky ones might pass out first from lack of oxygen, not feel themselves go. Unlucky ones might decompress. Explosively. Or go into hypoxia and have their blood boil.

Might be best to get lucky and be rescued.

[Sorry for the morbidity but this sort of TMI is something River has gone for in the past. She thinks she's doing a good thing telling stuff straight. Also apologies for any inaccuracies. River is very smart in these things but I am not.]
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