Adam Young (alwaysapples) wrote in gargleblasted,
Adam Young

1st Adventure - [Video]

[The video flickers on to reveal a pair of bright blue eyes framed with blonde curls peering into the camera at a distance of much too close before leaning back to reveal a young boy who looks like he just discovered christmas.]

Wicked. It's like 'm on the telly. Can people really see me an' everythin'?

[He pauses for a moment to wonder about this before plowing on under the assumption that people can see and hear him with this gizmo. And why not? He's in space.]

I don't reckon I understand too much about what them ugly ol' aliens said, even after they shoved that fish in my ear.

I mean obviously earth isn't gone, that ain't how it works. It prob'ly just got misplaced an' they haven't just found it yet. That's how it goes in the stories, so I'm sure it'll be found eventually.

[He has the unwavering conviction in this, not even considering for a moment that his planet is gone.]

Pepper an' Brian an' Wensleydale'll probably be mad at me though, leavin' them out of somethin' like this. Innit that right Dog?

[He looks down and picks up a small mutt dog who has one ear turned inside out. This mutt is clearly a brilliantly smart dog and Adam is very proud of him]

Oh an' this's Dog. He's my dog. And I'm Adam, Adam Young. And this's a space ship. That is so brilliant, even if th' aliens 'r ugly an' shoved a fish in my ear.
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