Ventus (backhandjustice) wrote in gargleblasted,

[video] Stardust

[The channel would come on, and one might see an image of the black hole from a new angle then they had seen previously, perhaps even closer to. The comm was also eerily quiet except for the quiet breaths of a single person.]

You know, even though it could mean the death of us, it's... kind if pretty, you know?

[The cam shifted, still the only sound the light breathing of Ventus as he moved himself closer to it. He was quiet for awhile as he moved slowly closer, reaching out with his armored hand to grasp at what looked sort of like what people imagine stardust to be. He let it glitter darkly in his hand before shoving it into a bag on his hip. This continued for a bit before there was a - ]

Um... crap...

I think I got to close to this thing.

[Not that they weren't close enough already, but looks like it's time for the escape! So there will be a flash that he dives his Glider into it, and for a moment he seems to be traveling through a column of swirling light, sort of like you see on those animes and sci-fi shows when they go into warp speed. When he comes out, he's in the park of the Thor, shaking his head.]

Okay, that was close. Why did I take that job again...?

[ooc: talk to him while he's gathering black hole material or when he jumps out into the park! :) ]
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