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Fox McCloud


[Howdy there, Thor. It's Fox's first transmission since before he was carted off to jail/the maximum security dog pound, aaaaaand, what do we have here. In the background it looks like a fancy boutique that's packed with even fancier ladies clothing. There are three well dressed ladies in the foreground, the first is a chubbycute human lady, the second is a beautiful young lass in a pretty pink dress, and the third lady is actually just Fox in a cutsey lolita thing. And holy shit does he look annoyed.]

Look, you hired me to sell your products, not to wear them. I'm not wearing this.

Daaaahling, our wanted add specifically said we wanted ladies to work this month. Ladies to wear the merchandise, to show it off. You're just going to have to deal with it. Besides, it looks cute on you.

[Chubbycute human lady starts adjusting the ruffles of Fox's skirt while the other, super sexy alien creature comes over with a couple tubes of lipstick]

Shuga, do y'all think yer more of a 'fire engine red' or 'stormy pink'?

Neither! Look, I'm not being paid enough for this!

Well, maybe you should have thought about that before taking the job. We've got you for the month, you signed a contract and everything.

[Fox looks like he wants to complain some more, but he can't argue with that. There's some faint giggling from behind the guide, and Fox and the boutique chicks glance over at the source.]

...Is my guide recording?


Then why is the light on!?


[the feed ends just as Fox lunges directly at whoever is recording with his guide 8U]
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