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[ Hey, it's that strange kid again, and this time, he is standing in what looks like a dank and creepy place, surrounded by people in strange brown robes with hoods. His hood is down and he looks about as happy to be there as a clam in a fire pit. Currently a guy in a mask - with a price tag still dangling from the rubber horn - is patiently trying to get him to chant along with everyone else. ]

How hard is it? All you have to do is sing 'Aie! Ftagn! Ftagn! Shub-Niggurath! We're on the winning side to see the aftermath!'

[ There is a moment of Date staring at the guy and then he raises his arms out, fingers spread wide and calls them all idiots. ]

Puerile lout.

[ And of course there is silence for a minute while people check their fishes for translations. ]

Yes but can you do it with feeling?

[ And from out of no where comes a finely painted mask that Date covers his face with and proclaims - in a suddenly deep voice - his impatience with this whole mess.

Obtuse palaver.

[ooc; Dante got signed up for cult member this month. Dante is not good with words that others create. Hence Dante is refusing to chant the cult's words or do their posing because he is way better than them at this sort of thing. Enjoy? ]
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