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Event start!

[The intercom cackles to life, and a voice begins to speak!]

--Panic! I repeat, nobody panic!

While we are currently...somehow...wedged halfway into the black hole, all departments are reporting all systems operating as normal! The Infinite Improbability Drive has been engaged, and seems to be providing stability throughout the station.

Rest assured we are even now working on a solution to this rather unique situation! Hopefully we'll think of something before too much longer!

[And on that last, slightly panicky note, the intercom goes quiet.]

OOC Info

So basically, just what it says on the OOC post:

As the captain's SOS did not receive any response, their last-ditch attempt to save everyone was, naturally, to engage the Infinite Improbability Drive. With such a slim chance of survival should the Thor be sucked into the black hole, the Drive is likely to have some positive effect! ...Right?

The IID is engaged as they speak, and all it seems to have done is...wedge the Thor quite firmly into the middle of the black hole! Both halves of the station are reporting everything is fully functional and normal, despite the rather awkward parking place.

The results of this little inconvenience are what can only be called causality distortions, which may include, but certainly are not limited to: body swapping, body part swapping, shrunken heads, inexplicable, random species changes, that sort of thing. Basically, if you've been wanting to do something or have been pining for a certain kind of drive event because you've got some fun torture ideas for your characters, now is the time to do it! :D</blockquote>

While this is happening, players will begin transferring their characters to our Dreamwidth communities by following the directions we will provide on the IC captain's post. Just like the poll, we're expecting it to take several days for everyone to be able to respond. Unlike the poll, however, we're not leaving it open for the rest of the month before taking any further action:

Basically, what this means is as soon as players have joined the Dreamwidth communities, they can (and in fact are encouraged to) begin posting there immediately.

Backtagging on LJ can happen ad infinitum, for however long you'd like to keep it up! You're more than welcome to move yourself over at your own pace, though it would be helpful to the mod team if everyone wrap things up by the end of the month so that we're not managing a mirror on top of the main comm forever. ;)

ICly, the event will last for five days, starting today, just as soon as the IC Captain's post goes up on the main Livejournal community, and ending at late o'clock on Thursday, January 19th with another IC captain's post, this time on the main Dreamwidth community. Players are welcome to post in both communities during this time, though of course we'd definitely like to encourage as much use out of the Dreamwidth comm as possible.

Once the event ends and the game has moved totally over to Dreamwidth, the Thor will pop out of the black hole like a buttered turtle along an ice rink, all the weird causality effects will disappear, and everything will be back to normal...everything, that is, except...

...The Guide!

But that's okay, because it will be better than normal! For some strange reason the causality distortions somehow updated the Guide's OS to the latest Guideware Update 4.2, which no one knew existed until just now. It's a crazy old universe, isn't it?

OOC: The Guideware Update 4.2 is the IC change from LJ to Dreamwidth. The browser may still malfunction at inconvenient moments and sign your innocent character up for some hideous mission they never would have picked in a million years for themselves, but on the whole characters may notice that it runs more smoothly...more cleanly...with fewer ddos attacks and long periods of downtime.


Is that everything? Well, pretty much! We're obviously going to continue adding players who are moving from LJ to DW beyond the 19th when the event ends, but only for the same duration of time that we use to determine idle characters. Basically, just like with a regular AC, if we don't hear from a player by March 15th (which is 2 months after the move begins, and also the same amount of time we normally use to measure idle characters), then we're going to ask them to reapply instead of adding them, just like we would under normal circumstances.

Please direct all moving- and dreamwidth-related questions to the Moving-specific FAQ page we have set up. Thank you!

To get the moving process started, please have a look at this page right here, and follow the instructions you find there!

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