Akito/Agito Wanijima (twofacedshark) wrote in gargleblasted,
Akito/Agito Wanijima

[Trick 18] [Event]

[You see Agito/Akito without eye-patch and with their hair up, he is smirking confidently as he observes the guide]

Well, aren’t you all some petty little fuckers. [Laughs, stretching his arms in a way one wonders if he just woke up] Fucking damn!! It’s been ages since I was out!!

[Then you hear a familiar voice]

[And a the camera moves, since Lind is holding it, avoiding Agito’s wind blade]

[As the camera lowers, you notice that Lind is on a rooftop, and Agito is in the middle of a jump, holding
Agito carrying Akito on his shoulder (akito is wearing trousers and not a skirt), placing him on the floor of the roof when they land]

[They both stare at Lind in a really tense way, while the other guy seems amused]

Fucker, I have no fucking idea how this shit happened, but I am not gonna fucking lose the sight of you until this is fucking over!!! [Agito growls, his eye then landing on the guide, which Lind is still holding] Give me that shit back!!

[Lind laughs] Why don’t you try to get it first? [And he accelerates towards the end of the rooftop, jumping to another building] [His hand messes with the guide and turns off the video stream]

[[ooc: Event! basically it had the effect that all the personalities inside Akito/Agito/Lind’s body got separated bodies, which include Lind, the first personality and their mom, which they still don’t know in game and which is insanely strong and- well, sort of crazy (well, aren’t they all)

The replies will be from Lind, but I would specially encourage action! Lind will be around the ship, destroying things for fun, while Agito will be after him and Akito will be worried and trying to follow them by foot.
Just name the situation, or feel free to make something up]
Tags: agito/akito/lind wanijima

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