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The Thirteenth Case ~ [Video]

[Keeping secrets simply isn't allowed on the Thor. At least that's what the Guide has decided. As such, it turns on at a very inopportune moment. The Earl is wearing a loose shirt that does not quite conceal his breasts. Additionally, he has long, silky blue-black hair. (For reference.)]

I see why corsets are useful. [He scowls and cups his breasts in his hands. The shirt clings mercilessly. It even rises an inch or two to expose some of Ciel's smooth, pale thigh.] Is this supposed to teach me a lesson?

[He drops his hands to his sides and wrinkles his nose in distaste. Something about the Guide catches his eye, however, and he turns in horror.]

...no. No! [Picking up the device, he hurls it across the room.

To say the Earl is mortified would be an understatement.]
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