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Melody 08-video

Um, well this could be a problem...
[Miku is staring in confusion at the group of other Mikus in the room, who also seem quite confused. There is included a Miku in a 17th century middle class dress, a Miku with a tiara and club marking, an ill looking Miku in a circus dress and goat legs instead of human, and a beat up looking Miku in a school uniform, and more.]

Ok, all you other mes, There has been some time of temporal universe space mix thing occured, but I don't think it will last long, so you'll be able to go home soon.
In the meantime I guess, just stay right here, stay out of trouble, this sci-fi stuff could be too much for you...
I'll be right back with a snack for you all, Hachune keep an eye on them...

(ooc: For the drive, besides normal Vocaloid Miku there is now a bunch of her AU roles from her music videos. Feel free to interact with any of them)
Tags: miku hatsune

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