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× This goes without saying, but, if you have a problem, bring it to the mods. We'd rather you bother us with a bunch of little itty bitty things than have something blow way out of proportion and crap all over you, us, the dog, and everyone else in the RP. Disputes happen, and this isn't a sparkle filled rainbow meadow where everyone gets along, but we ask that you either settle it like mature adults, or come to us to help settle it for you. Wank sucks. And you suck if you cause it. The mods are here for a reason-- and that's to help you guys! So please, don't be shy! We wouldn't be here if we didn't want to help! :D
Don't make wanky RP secrets and don't spread wank on Anoncomm or elsewhere. If we find out it was you then you will be removed from the game. No first warnings. No second chances. End of story. If you have a problem, even if you think it is itty bitty and not worth the bother, bring it to the mods. We are here for you, and will work with you to help solve it. But if you don't bring it to us and take it to Anon instead, we can't help you. If you give us a chance we will be more than happy to give you one, but if you don't give us that chance, then we won't give you one either.

× OOC =/= IC. This is posted in every single RP ever, yet for some reason, muns still seem to not understand it: YOU ARE NOT YOUR CHARACTER, AND YOUR CHARACTER IS NOT YOU. IF SO-AND-SO'S CHARACTER SAYS THEY HATE YOUR CHARACTER, THAT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN SO-AND-SO FEELS THE SAME WAY ABOUT YOU AS A PERSON. That being said-- if there does seem to be an OOC grudge involved, and you have proof of it, bring it to the mods, and we'll straighten it out for you. And then, we'll all share cake. :D

× Permanent critique posts are strongly encouraged-- But NOT mandatory! The mods are not Characterization Nazis, but in order to avoid having players squabble over characterization, the posts will serve as a means for peaceful communication between muns. We ask that these posts have anon and screening enabled. In return, we also ask that critique is just that-- critique. Flames are a no-no. \o/ We all appreciate a little bit of concrit every now and then, after all!

× Hiatusing: If there's any reason you need to hiatus, just drop us a line here. The rules concerning hiatusing are right there, but if you need something clarified, talk to a mod!

× Don't god mod. Just. Don't.

× Breaking the Fourth Wall! There are some canons where this is inevitable, so with permission, it's allowed! We'll have one mass permissions post in a bit, so check back soon!

× If you don't make the posting requirements once without going on hiatus, you'll have one chance to fulfill what you haven't done for that month PLUS the requirements for the next month. D: Don't make us get mean about this. Just as clarification: You will be required to make 2 [count 'em: TWO!] posts per month. If you want to do more? GO RIGHT AHEAD! :D

We've added an addendum to this as of the beginning of 2010: You are allowed to replace one post with a thread comments wherein at least 20 are yours.

× This is a Pan-Anything Game. As in anything goes. OC's, RL Celebrities, etc. etc. You can even play a rock if you'd like. [One Free Internet to anyone who does.] We just ask that, if there's an official request from a copyright holder that his/her characters not be used to roleplay, you honor his/her requests. We're poor. We have no money if we get sued. THERE IS ONE ARE TWO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. We only accept OCs from an already existing series on a case-by-case basis, since that may screw over anyone already playing from that particular fandom. And we can't accept characters with AU histories unless the AU is canon. For example, we won't accept a steampunk version of an already existing character, but we WILL accept a character from a canon parallel world. There are more details about this in the FAQ and on the application page.

× NC-17 (Re: smut) logs ABSOLUTELY MUST have a warning, be placed under a cut and be locked. Somehow. No exceptions. Logs with excessive violence must have a warning, but it's not absolutely necessary for them to be locked. (Although we'll love you if you do. :3)

× We have an age limit of 16 and older. THIS WILL BE CHECKED! If you're caught lying to us, we'll throw you out and not let you back in. IF you are underage, yet would still like to play, come to the mods and we MAY be able to set something up (We'll certainly do everything in our power to reach a compromise!)-- but don't be disappointed if we can't let you in. Yes, we know, you've most likely read smut before, but we're doing this to protect our players and ourselves. I don't feel like having the party van come after me, and neither does anyone else in the game.

× We have a current character limit of 6 characters. You may have up to 3 characters from any particular fandom-- and please, please don't playercest unless necessary.

× Have fun! Yeah, it sounds hokey, but we mean it! This isn't an RP to stress over! We're laid back, and the mods are players too-- we just want to chill and play what we hope is a fun, awesome game! If you're not having fun, or if you find that RL (or even other RPs! We're okay with that! Really!) obligations are eating up your time, you can drop here, no sweat and no questions asked. We'll also welcome you back warmly should everything else get straightened up. Always, always take care of yourself first. ♥

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