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Second | Crona and Maka | Video

[the recording starts off with a close-up of a blue tank top with a little cute panda with a red bow in the middle. once this said person takes a few steps back, it is revealed to be maka, and she plops herself on her bed smiling at the guide but only giving the recording its brief attention. her main focus is somewhere off screen to her right.]

C'mon, don't be shy.

Collapse )
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First | Crona | Video

[Video, angled upwards at a pink-haired teenager in black clothes. The child looks fairly awkward and unsure of herself (himself?). The child is pressed up against the wall of a corridor, very visibly nervous, thin shoulders drawn up and dark eyes glancing rapidly around.]


[A glance backwards, though there's no one standing behind the teen.]

... I don't think it's working. ... I did press the button.

[After that bit of odd one-person conversation the teen addresses the screen again.]

I'm Crona. ... [This kid is so unsure.]

Is... is anyone from Shibusen...

[This is difficult for Crona. This is really difficult. Crona fumbles a bit and cuts the feed.]