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You are...


[See Eiri. Well, what you can see of him, anyway. See, Eiri's holding the guide in his arms along with the rest of the items he was given upon his arrival, unaware that the guide is on. So you're getting a spectacular view of his chin, mostly, and glimpses of a frown here and there when he moves his head just right as he walks. Mumbling to himself:]

This can't be happening. It was just a dream, right? Just a really fucked up dream. ...but it felt so real. It feels real. Hell, am I asleep now? I did just switch prescriptions... Shit, I remember this damn hallway! [The view shifts to his chest as he pats his pockets for something, mumbling yet another curse when he doesn't find it. Then there's sounds of rustling paper, then silence as he looks it over... Another mumbled curse, and another, and another...]

Where did you go...

[ooc: After an almost year-long absence, Eiri is baaack! And he kind of remembers this place and the people he met last time! So. Abuse that if you want.]
Havin' a smoke. (2)

Chapter 2 // Action

[Instead of handing out sexual health education pamphlets like he's supposed to be doing, Eiri's standing around, reading one of them: 50 Things Everyone Should Know About Acquaintance Rape. As for his expression - that's unreadable.

Feel free to pester him for a pamphlet or just because. Other literature selections include, but are not limited to, "The Condom Quiz" as well as the riveting "STDs and You!"]

[OOC: I made Tohma make this for the relevant lulz.]
Havin' a smoke.

Chapter 1 // Accidental Video

[The feed clicks on as it's being set on the floor. When the hand blocking the view is removed, we see Eiri leaning back against the wall of a hallway, sitting on the floor as well. He seems, in a word, disheveled. His clothes are wrinkled like he'd slept in them, and his hair looks like he's run his hands through it one too many times. Yet he appears calm as he lights up a cigarette, staring at a map of the ship as he smokes in silence.]

... Damn, this place is huge.