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[ Greetings, residents of the Thor. Today Iceland has dropped his Guide on his way home from work, and turns it on as he picks it up. He's not exactly paying attention to his device, however, as he notices a suspicious someone watching him from around the corner. ]

What're you doing?

You can't be a man.


[And suddenly, the suspicious person - Sealand - is all up in Iceland's space and patting down his chest. This causes him to quickly move away. ]

Hey, cut it out!

[ Sealand steps back and looks at him quizically. ] But you don't have a beard!

I don't need one.

That doesn't make any sense. Are you twelve?


[And she's trying to get all up into Iceland's face again to touch his chin.]

Stop it! Quit trying to--

[ Sealand is not to be deterred in her quest to see if Iceland has any facial hair, but he isn't too receptive of this and shoves her away. This continues until the feed times out. ]

[ ooc: Iceland and Sealand. Open for action if anyone wants to walk by/be a witness to this/whatevs. ]


[ The moment the feed clicks on, you, dear viewer, are subjected to the lovely sight of these candied apples. The Guide hangs on that image for a few moment, while another apple gets added to the group. Then the Guide is picked up and addressed by a bored-looking Iceland. ]

You know, since I have to make all of these, you should come and buy them. They'll go to waste otherwise.

[ He pans the Guide back over to some colorful apples. ]

Don't they look good? They'll be thrown out at the end of the day if you don't come and buy them. One. At least one.

[ Back to Iceland. ]

It's good for the ship's economy too. Probably.

[ Feed end. ]


[ greetings from galacticon! iceland looks a little winded when he starts the feed, but he shrugs it off quickly enough to speak normally. ]

These people are so creepy. Some of them keep following me and trying to take my picture... Hah, this is the worst place to go if you need fresh air. It's so gross and crowded.

Anyway. I need to know if anyone else is down here. I can't find where I came in-- I'm not... lost, or anything... but if someone else were here maybe these creepy people will stop stalking me--

[ he's walking now, trying to navigate his way through the massive crowds. ]

I'm near these... comic table things.

[ he points his guide at the "comic table things" for reference. ]

Wait. Is that me? And who is that? [ iceland puts his guide down on the nearest table and picks up a comic. now, network, you can see the confusion and horror on his face as he flips through the pages of a hong kong/iceland doujinshi. ]

...I don't even know this guy. No, this can't be me. I look like a girl. I mean, this drawing looks like a girl. I'm way more mature and masculine than this.

[ suddenly, a distraction - squealing cosplayers, to be exact. iceland looks to somewhere out-of-frame, utterly horrified for a moment before he puts the comic back and grabs his guide. he's gonna high-tail it out of there. ]

Oh no, not again.

[ then the feed ends. ]


[ hello, refugee network. you know how isn't having a great day? this kid. after returning to the ship and dealing with a mountain of paperwork again, he's gone back to his old apartment to unwind. however, it seems that he's locked out. oh boy! how is little bracket text relevant to the guide? ah, you see, iceland has put his guide on the floor in favor of pounding on his apartment door and turned it on by stepping on it. so here, enjoy an awkward angle of iceland's boot. ]

Nore? Nore, are you there? Let me in, I'm hungry. I can't get in...

[ a minute passes. no answer. iceland tries knocking again, and gets no response. ]

Ah, damn it.

[ he plops down on the floor, picking up his guide in the process. it's obvious that he doesn't know that it had been recording for the last few minutes when he address the network: ]

...My apartment door won't open. It's glitchy or something. Um. Are there any door-ticklers or weird jobs like that that'll get it open? I don't want to wait for Norway to come back. Wherever he is...

[ a sigh. ] Though, if anyone wants to help me pass the time, that'd be nice. I guess.

( VIDEO ) - backdated to the 17th

[ given the lush, green background and that lavender-colored sky, it's obvious that iceland is on the planet. and he's not alone - pixies flit in and out of frame, and the nation seems quite amused with this. however, when he moves his hand anywhere near the little creatures, they scatter and leave him looking a little disappointed. ]

...Well, this isn't the worst way to celebrate my birthday. Could use some fireworks or something, though.

At least it's nice out here.

( TEXT )

What do you do when you can't sleep? Nothing I try works.

I'm exhausted and my head and eyes hurt. I'm willing to try almost anything to get to sleep.

If you help me, I'll give you money or something.


So, um... I h-have a lot of extra beer left over in my fridge and I was wondering if anyone wants to take it. I can't drink it, but I don't want it to go to waste, either. It's free, so if you want some...

[ and he trails off there. ]

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Simply gorgeous

Man Wanted

Hello, castaways!

Are you single? Do you ever sit in your room with the lights turned off rocking back and forth with intense feelings of loneliness?
Well, today if your lucky day! Because this handsome young man is single and looking.

This is Iceland. He's a shy, pure young man, so he needs someone with a gentle hand.

So if you're a handsome, mature man with a good job and benefits, make sure you apply here right now! Or if you're a lady.

He comes with one over-sized bow and a glass of wine.