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aren't we clever; mr. flintstone.

chapter twenty-seven [voice]

...[Over the guide, have a rather familiar yet oddly... feminine deadpan voice coming over the guide.]

I see that the "DON'T PANIC" mantra shockingly once again conflicts with what I really want to do. Seriously! I think I would have rather been sucked up by the black hole! Not that this is completely horrible, but everything about it just feels unnatural to me. Not so much as being a Sentret or being stuck in a penguin suit, but it still just feels... odd.

Either way, needless to say, I'm not coming out of my room until this whole situation with the black hole is taken care of. [Sigh.] If it's not one thing, it's another. And all of these clothes are too big--

[And the feed cuts out. Roomies are free to find Kyonko wearing an oversized button-up shirt and a pair of... really baggy pants. Over a feminine frame, of course.]

((OOC: Kyon has been effected and now finds himself to be a girl! So, yeah. He is currently Kyonko. As a result, replies will be coming from rolereversed.))
we love him cause he constantly

chapter twenty-six [video]

[Today, roommates and co-workers are free to notice Kyon not really in the best of spirits today. It actually has a lot to do with the date, considering that he had off handedly thought about the trouble that went on on this very day so long ago. However, from there, it branched out into other things, which well, put him in a state of melancholy.

It'll be a while before he's on the guide, just musing aloud.]

So, I guess it's safe to say that it's gotten difficult to step anywhere without being informed that the holidays are here. I didn't really think about what anyone in space celebrated until just now, but I guess it's safe to say that Christmas is pretty popular, even here. I mean, even in space, we manage to have mall elves and some poor sap playing Santa-- who I recently found out in fact, is a real person. I'm sure that if I ever wind up reuniting with my little sister, she'd be thrilled to hear all about it. I know Haruhi'd enjoy it too.

Really though, I guess it's good that we have time to celebrate times like this. Better for our culture to go on than just let it die out with the rest of the world, right? [Jeez, that's depressing. Better at least end it with a half hearted smile.] Happy holidays, everyone.

[The feed cuts out, and he sighs.]
"i've endangered eight hundred and one

chapter twenty-five [video]

[The feed clicks on to Kyon, who appears to be holding a microphone and has already been speaking for a bit.]

--ailable for comment. Rumors persist that the culprits of the recent infiltration of liquor into our water system may have gone into hiding, but I get the feeling we're dealing with clever individuals who are still walking the streets... er, floors... the whatever of the S.S. Thor. One of the aliens I interviewed claimed that "Perhaps it was the work of the Secret Savior, a man who turns water into wine and disappears into the night." That same alien soon took a drink from a water bottle that we can only assume was filled before this mishap ended.

["In other news, be on the look out for a suspicious individual. I'm not at liberty to give out many details, only that she's wanted for attempted murder, and cannot fully be trusted." Man, how badly he wants to say that.]

In any case, I'm willing to get other's opinions on the previous alcohol crisis. Did it benefit you as a break from the other unbelievable escapades that go on here, or did it wind up being detrimental to anything you did? What are your thoughts?

For the record, I don't recommend it myself. It may seem like a good idea in the beginning, but all you wind up with is a headache and a burning desire to know exactly what the hell you were thinking. Reporting live from the Thor, I'm-- [And the feed is soon cut off.]
and now he's dead.

chapter twenty-four [video/action]

[It had gotten quiet. That was Kyon's first hint. Usually no news isn't necessarily good news when it comes to her, but it had gotten too quiet for his liking. So he tried to get into contact with her. Nothing happened. Worried, he rushed over to Haruhi's room, and spoke to the door. It confirmed his fears. "Miss Suzumiya no longer lives here. She isn't living anywhere else either. If you see her living in the hallway, please tell her that her bed is more comfortable than the floor."

Damn it. There was only one more place left she could be. With the idea in mind, he rushed to the SOS Brigade's clubroom. She had to be there. She had to.

And she wasn't.

Defeated, he sighed. Not feeling the urge to leave the room, he turns on his guide to make the official announcement.]

...for anyone that was apart of the new SOS Brigade, Haruhi Suzumiya is no longer on the S.S. Thor. [A dejected sounding sigh, this time broadcast to everyone.] I guess that would mean that I'm in charge, but to be honest, I can't imagine there even being an SOS Brigade without Haruhi. So... you can go ahead and do whatever you've already been doing.


The one time I need a distraction and have the opportunity to find one, and the planet looks less than welcoming. I guess that's fitting, huh?

[One more sigh.] Good grief.

[He shuts the feed off. He doesn't think he'll be able to leave that room for a while.]
repeat to yourself; it's just a show

chapter twenty-three [video]

[He was originally coming onto the feed to complain, as usual. "This again." "Someone must really be watching out for me." "Is it just me, or have things seemed dull around here otherwise?" Surprisingly enough, his job wasn't providing much in the way of excitement again.

But, he guessed, he might as well utilize one of the perks of the job.]

Anyone want cinnamon buns? Kids under 10 get them free.
repeat to yourself; it's just a show

chapter twenty-three [video]

...I can't even begin to express how grateful I am that that stupid job from last month didn't carry over to this one. I think the Improbability Drive would have doubled my workload, and I'd have to keep an eye on all of you. Also, no offense to anyone that's naturally a pony, but I'm also glad that I wound up unaffected by this. I kind of like being a human being.

I also really have to say that I'm alarmed at the fact that I'm not more disturbed by this. For God's sake, most of the people here have been turned into ponies! Wouldn't a normal person at least be a little more freaked out about it? To me it just signals that the month is about to end and we're leaving the planet.

...thinking about it, I guess I'm glad about that much. It means I'll be able to get another job soon.

((ooc: well, kyon isn't a pony.

however, if anyone for some reason is withholding having seen kyon perform his duties at his job that i conveniently forgot about, you can talk about it! a post where we don't torture kyon is a bad post.)
repeat to yourself; it's just a show

chapter twenty-two [video/action...?]

[There's a very drained looking Kyon on your guide today, with a "Fourth Place!" ribbon pinned onto his shirt. He's holding a bag in his hand (with nothing important inside trust me) and a poster in his grasp, getting ready to talk.]

So, here's how my day went, for those of you who care to know. First, I found out that evidently, the SOS Brigade is beyond famous here. It's almost scary to see so many odd looking cosplayers dressed as Haruhi or Nagato running around. As a result of this, I was involuntarily pulled into a contest to see who had the best Kyon cosplay, and somehow, I came in fourth place. Apparently, I'm supposed to always wear my North High uniform whenever I go out in public.

Just when I thought I couldn't be embarrassed enough, I checked out a store that had apparently been selling manga and other various knickknacks. Either I'm reading what I saw in here the wrong way, or this planet seems really enamored with the idea of me hanging off of a male friend of mine. Now look, I don't really mind my likeness being used for whatever reason, but is it too much to ask that there's some kind of filter put into place?

...finally, I was gifted with a present, courtesy of my job. I was hoping to just forget about it completely, but. As expected, it seems that it really wants to pop up at a moment's notice.

I think after this, I need a vacation.
look how dead he is.

chapter twenty-one [video]

So, considering that my job doesn't exactly scream excitement this month, plus Haruhi has been relatively quiet so far this month, it's been a completely uneventful month, at least for me. Really, I don't keep tabs on whatever's going on around here, considering that it would wind up either depressing me to the point where I stay up in my room or frightening me to... well, the same point.

While I'm not particularly bored out of my mind, I had enough time to look into something that's been bothering me.

Apparently, before the first moon landing, Houston informed the crew of Apollo 11 about the story of a Chinese girl that had been banished to the moon for stealing an immortality pill. They also reportedly told them that she was accompanied by a nameless rabbit companion that stands on her hind feet. The crew of Apollo 11 responded that they were going to look for the bunny girl.

I guess there's more of a precedent for this kind of thing than I realized.
let's just close down the franchise

chapter twenty [video/action]

[Kyon has been good about avoiding this nonsense for a few days. This ends now. Just as he ended his shift dressed up as Harpy, he decided to head back to his room, trying to avoid that pixelly Koopas and occasionally having to glance behind him in case there was a Boo coming. This one time, Kyon looked just long enough where this thing was able to touch him. Kyon's normal clothes have been replaced with a Penguin Suit!]

...oh no. Oooh no. I'm not doing this.

[As Kyon waddles back in the other direction, he winds up finding himself running momentarily, before the suit takes a hold of him and forces him to slide on his stomach.]

Whoa! No, damn it--!

[This will continue until he bumps into either A) you, or B), a wall. In which case...]

...I bet he never had to deal with this kind of thing. What does plumbing have to do with penguins and rescuing Princesses anyway?!
it's three nights in vegas if we pawn it

chapter nineteen [video/action]

[Today, around lunch time, you may notice a mascot weakly passing out really horribly made balloon animals. Why, it's Harpy McBird! No, no one ever taught him how to make a balloon animal, and his knowledge of balloon art is extremely limited. In addition to the Harpy costume and everything that comes with it, our disgruntled Harpy has had to deal with the occasional snot of a child, kicking his shin and constantly changing their mind over which animal they want.

Well, that's what this bird gets for waiting to sign up for jobs.

During his break, he goes to sit down, revealing his identity (spoilers: it's actually Kyon under there), and decides to address the Thor.]

If someone wanted to make sure that no one else moved into their room, how would they go about doing that? I can't imagine that it wouldn't involve immeasurable amounts of paperwork, so I just want to prepare my wrists for the impending writing that I'm going to spend a while doing.

[He opens his mouth to say something else, but instead--]

[Sigh. He turns off the feed.]