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[encrypted message]

✞ || 21th Cross || [accidental video]

[The Guide initially turns on to darkness. A shadowy darkness, as if the camera were momentarily blocked]

...what the--

[An unfamiliar voice, sounding more annoyed than frightened, comes through. There is a bit of shuffling that follows, and a jerk of the camera suddenly reveals the person speaking:]

If anybody can here me, this is Midii. And at the risk of sounding incredibly redundant at this point: I want answers, and I want them now.

[[ooc: Black Hole Time Warp = the return of 18-year-old Midii. But with a twist: she not only remembers being an 18-year-old this time...but doesn't remember her time on the Thor. Let the insanity commence ~]]

[[ooc, pt 2: I decided to make this post on LJ after all as one last hurrah before the Big Move. If there is anybody who wishes to continue threads over on DW, I have no problem with that!]]

(PB) someone's coming

✞ || 20th Cross || [accidental video]

[Midii appears to be standing perfectly still in the hangar.  Staring.  Her expression betrays nothing, though it is clear that the object in question has her full, unwavering attention.]

[What is she staring at, you might ask?]

[...a gold limo.  Specifically, Dorothy Catelonia's gold limo.  The one she bequeathed to Midii.  For some reason.]

[Understandably, the young girl is highly suspicious.  She stares down the hood as if it could stare back, trying to discern the potential dangers.  Her eyes narrow.]

[She takes a step forward.]

[Almost that exact moment, the car horn suddenly gives a loud beep]

[Startled, she jumps back about a foot, letting out a small shriek of surprise.  Giving the vehicle one last wide-eyed expression, she turns to walk away.  Swiftly.]
(PB) attitude

✞ || 19th Cross || [video]

[The floor might be lava, but at the moment, there's a lovely river of molten rocks flowing down the hallway.]

[And, adopt a makeshift raft of what appears to be a fireproof sofa cushion, we see Midii.  Floating on by.]

[She is sitting cross-legged, her jacket tied around her waist due to the heat.  One hand supporting her head.  Looking more inconvenienced than frightened or worried.]

...you know, sometimes I really, really hate this place.
(PB) like a trainwreck

✞ || 18th Cross || [video]

[Once again, there is a cute 10-year-old appearing in your screen.]

[But there's something different about her this time: she's not in trouble.  Or causing trouble.  Or any of those usual things that require somebody to come after her in some way.  Nope.  She seems perfectly safe, in fact, sitting cross-legged on her bed.  In her room.  With the occasional meowing going on the background]

[Granted, she's still not really smiling much...but baby steps, people.  Baby steps.]

Has anybody else been having difficulty with their Guides lately?

Mine...the last few days, it's been weird.  Even more than usual.  The screen....it's super bright, I'm having a hard time trying to contact people or do pretty much anything on here...

...and I get this feeling it's just...I don't know...laughing at me.  Does that even make sense?  Then again, when does this place ever make sense?

[She frowns at herself for a moment, then continues.]

I haven't miss a Drive Event recently, have I?
but I thought

Superboy and Midii | Video and Action

[Aaand here's Superboy all up your screen. He seems to be walking with some mail under his arm- seeing as he's a mail carrier, that shouldn't be surprising.]

Uh.. so I tried to put it off but it's kind of getting hard to live with a broken window.

Does anybody know where to get good- Oh, sorry- good tools to repay it or something...

[Wait. Something's wrong in this picture.

Supey bumped into Midii as he talked, which again shouldn't be that surprising... if it weren't for a certain event going on in this funny little ship.

They tug on each other's arms, obviously not being able to pull away.

They stare at each other. And stare. And stare.



............ ]

Uh... I'm Superboy, nice to meet you?


Yeah, have some more silence.

After a few minutes they just kind of stare at the guide together. Their expression says it all:

(PB) secret smile

✞ || 17TH CROSS || [VIDEO]

[It is unclear if Midii purposely turned her Guide on, or if the young girl is unaware of its activation.  She is sitting on her bed, cross-legged, eyes closed in deep concentration.  Her flute is pressed to her lips.  Though she appears to be counting in her head, the only sounds that can be heard at the soft clicking of the metal keys as she reviews the fingerings before playing.]

[After a moment, she goes still...and a melody rings softly through the air:]

[She says nothing when it's over, but places the flute in her lap with a look of pure accomplishment.]

((ooc: ...okay, so Hina was bored and decided to compose a little song.  As always, [action] available to anybody who dares sneak up on her in the room.  Otherwise, [video]/[audio] all around!))
(PB) exhausted


[A loud crash is head just as the camera flickers on.]

[The angle is awkward, as if the Guide had fallen to the ground, but one could just barely make out a still figure in the dim lighting.  It's Midii, fast asleep, curled into a tiny ball.  Her face is red, eyes puffy, and there are dried tear trails on both cheeks.  Clothing and shoes still on.  Like she had been crying and fell asleep out of pure exhaustion.]

[Next to her, on the bed, is a violin, her tiny hands clutched around the neck]


[She hiccups the name softly in her sleep, and suddenly her current state is made clear: she found out about her surrogate brother's departure from the ship.]

[Just as she begins to stir, the Guide topples onto its back, shutting itself off]

((ooc: ...yeah, this month hasn't exactly been kind to poor Midii.  Action! if you're one of the few close enough to actually come into her room to talk, or Video!.  The latter will have to wait until she wakes up to respond, though.))
(PB) memoirs

✞ || 15TH CROSS || [VIDEO]

[The camera turns on to reveal a dimly lit room.]

[Midii sits in the center at a small, circular table.  There are candles surrounding her, flickering lights bouncing off her flowing blonde locks in a way that make it seem as if she were surrounded by a halo.  To further the ethereal illusion, the young girl is also wearing a long, flowy green dress.  Gold jewelry covers every bare inch of her wrists and neck.]

[Of course, one thing the candlelight cannot hide are the dark circles beneath her eyes as she addresses the camera directly.  Her accent is purposely emphasized, though not quite as thick as it was in the previous post.]

[Somebody's still a little hungover....]

Good evening.  I am Mystic Midii...apparently...and I am here to give you all a chance to look into your future.  There is no path the Cards cannot illuminate, and no question they can not help you answer.  Probably.

All for only ten credits.

[A slight pause, and the facade is dropped as she holds one hand up to her head and moans softly.]

...or an aspirin would be nice, too.

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(PB) lounging

✞ || 14TH CROSS || [VIDEO]

[The screen turns on, slightly unfocused.  As the image clears, we see a a slightly flushed Midii looking into the camera.  She looks unusually expressive--in this case, torn between incredibly nervous and bursting into a fit of giggles at any given moment.]  

[When she speaks, her (usually) light French accent has thickened.  Noticeably so.]

Does any--*hic*--one know what ze put in ze water?  Mon Dieu, it tastes sange...strage...sta--

[And the laughter comes as she leans back against the wall, unable to finish her sentence.]

((ooc: Drunk 10-year-old.  Enjoy.  Or freak out.  Whichever, really.))
[encrypted message]

✞ || 13TH CROSS || [VIDEO]

[For once, the Guide is deliberately turned on by it's owner.  There is a few seconds of shaky camera work before this image appears:]

[Oh, look.  It's Midii.]

[An 18-year-old Midii]

[She seems oddly amused by the sudden turn of events, and the expression on her face could almost be mistaken for a smile.]

You know, for all the times the Drive has really messed with us, this time I kinda like--

[She pauses mid-sentence.  The smile fades, replaced by a frown.  One hand reaches for her abdomen, and she looks down with furrowed brows.]

What the...?

[A gasp of surprise, followed by a cry of pain.  She doubles over for a moment, then looks back to the Guide in bewilderment.]

What's happening?  It feels...like I've been stabbed in the--AHH!

[Another wave hits her, and though she appears physically unharmed, Midii's eyes squeeze shut.  She blindly reaches for the Guide to turn it off, and the screen goes black]

((ooc: So, as the residents of the Thor get to experience that time of the month, Midii gets to experience that time of the month for the first time.  Oh, sudden onset puberty....))