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To celebrate new beginnings, I'm giving all you ignorant humans (and a few ignorant other things) a present! They say knowledge is the best gift! Along with patience and understanding, which I've had a lot of these past few months! But it's time to set the record straight, so I present to you:

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Editor's note: the above has been spellchecked and proofread prior to publication, as the author appears to have been exceptionally drunk while writing.
2 senseis are better than 1


[ A very linefacing Kakashi is looking into his guide ]

Does anyone want a cat?

Idiot! I am not a cat! And I’m not to be handed away when you refuse to let go!

[ Ok well Kakashi’s going to move his arms away to demonstrate that no, there is zero refusal in letting this damn cat go. ]

Anyone who can remove him can keep him.

They certainly cannot! But remove me this instant regardless!.

[ Kakashi is trying so hard to push the other sensei off of his person but it seems to be going badly because now they look like they’re going to tango or some shit ]

Get your stupid head off of my paw!

[ FFUUUUUU-- while dealing with this fiasco, Kakashi manages to somehow turn the feed off with his wrist ]

1ST NAME [video]

[The Guide turns on with a clumsy paw batting it. The paw keeps fumbling around near the buttons (because its owner is very drunk) before an ugly, grinning, red-faced cat sniffs at the screen.]

[as if this weren't enough, when the cat talks, it sounds like one Hatake Kakashi (or at least, what Kakashi would sound like if he were trying to imitate a cat)]

Oiiiii, is this thing on? They say Yatsuhara is gone.

[a pause, and then he laughs]

What a shame! Someone get me more sake! And some steam buns! Or udon!

[he sloshes his empty sake cup up in a toast, before squinting at the screen in a slightly-more-sober way]

Na-tsu-meeeee, speak up now if you're alive, or I'm taking the Book of Friends.