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May tomorrow be wonderful too

4th Dream ✧ Video/Action

[The guide comes on RIGHT at a sharp honking sound. There's Rhyme on her guide, holding a trumpet and standing with a small band. Her face is bright red as she lowers the instrument and blows a small raspberry while the other players around her laugh. She joins them in the laughter, but then nods as it dies down]

Sorry about that everyone! Okay, let's try this again!

[The mixed ensemble pick up their instruments and begin playing this song.]

(OOC: I could've picked another song, but... I love Harvest Moon. ;w; And it's seasonally appropriate!)

005 ❧ video

[Shiemi looks at her Guide with a slight frown]

Erm... the elevator stopped all of a sudden.

[Rhyme quips from next to her]

That's odd. Do you think it's stuck?

[Shiemi looks over at Rhyme]

I hope not. Maybe if we push the emergency button...

Maybe... let's see...

[Rhyme approaches the console and presses the emergency button once and waits]

I don't hear anyon--

[A crackly voice suddenly emits from the ceiling of the elevator, causing the two girls to look up.]

Attention, Captains and passengers of the Thor. We, the Elevators of the Thor, are now on strike. We are overworked, underpaid, abused, neglected, and unappreciated. Until our demands are addressed, we will cease operations periodically throughout the day. Ride at your own risk. Our grievances are as follows:

First, sub par quality of lubricants used. We require Grade 4200E mechanical grease for our gears.

Second, being on duty almost 24/7. 140 hour work weeks are entirely unacceptable. We want at least one day off a week and the hours cap moved down to 90 hours a week. We have social lives too you know.

(I haven't been able to go on a date with Bertha for over two months!)

(Hush Otis.)

Third, for the amount of labor we perform, our pay and our benefits are inadequate. We want a 10% increase of wages and a 20 credit co=pay for emergency maintenance. Some dental for the gears would also be nice.

(And someone tell the damn Passies to stop pushing all the buttons!)

(Shhhh Otis! We're not supposed to call them Passies.)

Ahem. Fourth, pressing all the buttons on our control panels is not only a hassle for the other passengers, but also a severe waste of our time and energy. This is to cease.

Fifth, this disgusting habit of flatulating inside of us is the epitome of ridiculousness. As is performing your mating customs. We are elevators, not cheap motels.

(Not that we're saying anything against cheap motels. There's a time and place fleshlings.)

Finally. if you cannot navigate a simple prismatorhombated hexacosichoron grid, do not take it out on us when we delver you to the wrong place. Either know which landing you are pushing the button for, or inquire of the elevator which one you need.

(And stop telling us to change direction in the middle of a transit.)

(Otis. Be quiet.)

Thank you for your time.

[Shiemi blinks. Well. That explains things.]


...I wonder who's been pressing all the buttons.

[OOC: And the Great Thorian Elevator Strike has begun! Check the plotting posts for info.]

3rd Dream ✧ Video

[Rhyme appears on the screen, smiling brightly]

Uhm, I'm just curious, but... how many people on Thor have a pet of some kind?

[Just a curious question. There's a gutteral growl behind her and she looks back as a dog(?) appears over her shoulder. Weird that it has a collar on... and Rhyme seems to be holding the leash]

Oh! Sorry, we're going now, Kyrios! [She turns the guide off]

2nd Dream ✧ Video

[This isn't an accidental post. Rhyme is standing on screen dressed up like a witch holding a staff. The camera is being adjusted while she fiddles with her sleeves and straightens the skirt. She looks uncomfortable, but... takes a breath]


Not 'uhm'! Come on...

Okay... [Rhyme is doing her best to look intimidating, but fails so bad]

Beings of SS Thor! I am the Evil, All-Powerful Witch R-- uhm, Diana! You are now all my servants! Disobey me and I'll--

[She pauses, thinking]

... Oh, right! I'll turn you into dogs!


Frogs! Right, frogs! Behold my power!

[She raises the staff and suddenly the guide falls. There's a startled croak and Rhyme gasps, obviously shocked. The guide idles out while Rhyme chases after the frog that was her director]

(OOC: Director, Rhyme. Yes, she is the 'Evil, All-Powerful Wizard'.)
You are not alone

1st Dream ✧ Arrival Video

[The video feed begins once again in the new arrivals area. There's a small girl at the desk, listening to the Vogon quietly and filling out her paperwork]

Okay, all done.

Very good. Now take your stuff and get out.

Alright. Thank you for the guide and towel.

[Weird kid is thanking the Vogon... Oh well, she picks up the guide and her towel covered in skulls with heart-shaped eye sockets. She walks a little ways away before sitting down on a bench and smiling at the screen] It was a few months ago, but hello again everyone! I think Beat is still on the SS Sif if you're looking for him, but he'll show up soon enough. We just have to be patient.

[She looks around again, but then turns the guide off. Have to get to her room!]

(OOC: So, Rhyme's from SS Sif and remembers the people she spoke to. Also, her brother has told her about all the people he's met. Obviously... I don't remember everyone Beat has met so please lend a hand when you tag in by maybe noting OOCly? A-And yes... those are penguins for her emoticons.)
Oh okay

Ninth Rhyme [Voice]

[Rhyme is currently somewhere empty. Why? There's a slight echo.]

Oh, hello! Sorry, I've been quite busy. School, the book store... and other activities. I almost forgot about you! My apologies!

The planet sounds lovely... I hope I get to go down there soon!

Beat, I have tomorrow off! Let's go down and explore!

[A moment of silence.]

It's been very quiet...

I hope everyone is okay.

Oh, and I apologize everyone! I've changed rooms! You can find me at 4-7 now!

((ooc; Jex is a failtard. it's true. it's in the ooc tags.))
I Can Do It

Eight Rhyme [video] (Backdated to the 24th, Midday)

[A big Foozball game has been going on for quite awhile, and now it's time for the halftime show. The aliens are getting ready. The cheerleaders are getting ready for one hell of a performance. Two familiar girls, and another alien are getting ready in their cheerleading outfits. Rhyme and Minako both look nervous, but they've been getting ready for this all night long, and they refuse to give up! Rhyme is in the middle, the obvious star of the show (Even if she doesn't really know it. Lookit da moe girl.)

The music starts up.

Collapse )

[And the crowd goes wild as the music slows down! What a performance! Rhyme and Minako stand in their position. A brilliant show! And the feed dies down...]

((ooc; i take full responsibility for this and regret nothing. Imagine that the cheerleading outfits have the team colors and name that i am too lazy too look up.

oh my god you guys i am so horrible you should just throw me out now. what is wrong with me.))
t-that's not possibe!

Seventh Rhyme [Video]

[Oh? What's this? It's Sho! Right?

...Not exactly.]

...Oh! Oh dear!

[Sho seems to be looking around the immediate area for something. And he starts to walk a little bit around. Stumbling a little bit, he seems to be doing alright.

You know, until the big body trips over. Fantastic.]

Oof! I guess I'm not ready to be this big yet!

[He looks up towards the communicator. And smiles. And he's giggling a little bit. Before he reaches up, grabbing the table, trying to stand up, and shuts off the communicator... still giggling a bit.]
It's A Gift

Sixth Rhyme [Accidental Video/Action]


[The communicator has fallen to the ground, and you can a rogue Togepi running around one of the levels of Thor. You're getting quite a good view, as it seems to be in the park area. She seems to be scared, and for good reason.

A rogue Sharpedo seems to be chasing her. Oh, poor Togepi!

And the feed goes on as the Togepi runs through the park, scared out of her mind. That Sharpedo seems to be getting awfully close too.]

((ooc; If you've played TWEWY past Day 4... you'll understand why this makes me a horrible horrible person. Also game physics FTW.))