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broken portrait of a girl

7 has the highest probability of occurring when rolling dice - [Voice]

The sun went away. Just... melted away and now I can't find her and she's gone. She went away and everything's dim now.

She went home and it's better because she's safe there. People that care about her are there.

[River takes a deep breath because she knows she can't freak out now. Nobody to put her back together except herself.]

Kaylee went home. Serenity is still here but Kaylee's gone. I'll try to work on the beacon she had going, help boost the signal.
she gets strange places

6 is the smallest perfect number - [Voice]

Black hole. Heavy gravity well.

It's hungry, keeps pulling in more. Pulling us in because we're the biggest bite it's had in a long time.

We get pulled in, even a ship this big won't make it. Not sure what'll give first. Windows might go first in the pressure, suck out everything before the safety protocols go up.

The lucky ones might pass out first from lack of oxygen, not feel themselves go. Unlucky ones might decompress. Explosively. Or go into hypoxia and have their blood boil.

Might be best to get lucky and be rescued.

[Sorry for the morbidity but this sort of TMI is something River has gone for in the past. She thinks she's doing a good thing telling stuff straight. Also apologies for any inaccuracies. River is very smart in these things but I am not.]
broken portrait of a girl

5 is the number of Platonic solids - [Video]

[River is sitting in the middle of her room in Serenity wearing a doctor's coat that is a little too big for her. Only thing off is the fact that there's a pair of scissors in her lap and her pillow has been given an autopsy cut across the front and has been thoroughly disemboweled.]

I can't find the pea. I can feel it sometimes like it's sitting in the corner of my vision, in the periphery.

Every time I look at it straight on it disappears.

I can feel it and it digs in but it won't stay and-

[A deep breath and she closes her eyes for a moment]

Purpose. What is our purpose when we don't have anything?
the pursuit of knowledge

4 is the smallest number of colors sufficient to color all planar maps. - [Video]

So many holidays today. Not just halloween. Not just any one thing.

Samhain. Reformation day. Allantide. Feast days for Abaidas and Quentin.

So many holidays and we keep cannibalizing them to make more.

We take them because we're greedy children who just want one more piece of candy and we don't want to go to bed yet.

[She stops and takes a deep breath. Trying to organize her thoughts into conherence.]

I need marigolds. And sugar. Lots of it.

[video//action]十六i couldn't care less if i live in my head

[The feed starts off in Serenity's cargo bay- or what Serenity's cargo bay would look like if there were blankets and sheets hanging everywhere, with piles of pillows and cushions and even some mattresses propped up all over the place alongside boxes. Basically: a really awesome pillow fort.]

[Kaylee makes a trumpeting noise from where she's holding the camera]

Attention, people of the Thor! Lady River Magnifica Tam the First, Queen of the tent nation of Pillowtopia, is about to make a royal announcement!

[River is sitting in a nest of the fanciest sheets in all the land (so, Inara's) with a tea party laid out in front of her- as well as a few suspiciously empty-looking bottles of wine. She giggles before adopting a surprisingly regal-sounding voice.]

We're opening our borders to visitors in exchange for royal tribute!

[And Kaylee leans into view to clarify:]

Means we're outta blankets.

There aren't nearly enough on the ship right now, even with Inara's extra ones.

So if you wanna stop in, grab some to lend a hand and head down to Serenity! We'll be at it a while.

[...so yeah WHO WANTS IN ON A GIANT PILLOW FORT idek guys feel free to action it up and threadjack and whatever ALSO Kaylee and River.]
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3 is the number of spatial dimensions we live in [video]

[The video that comes up is a little... odd.

The living room of Serenity through creative use of blankets has been turned into a battlefield for toy soldiers to fight against a wide assortment of... dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are all wearing carefully crafted brown coats made from pieces of paper.

This is River having a good day believe it or not. She's not in view except for when her hands shift the figurines around for new battle formations.]

The Alliance camp is getting flanked by the Independent's raptor forces. They're tricky, keep testing their borders for weaknesses.

They need reinforcements but I ran out of soldiers.

Things are looking very bleak unless I can find more.

[She ends the video just as a raptor invades the camp]
the pursuit of knowledge

2 is the only even prime [Video/Action]

[The guide turns on showing River sitting in the library with some textbooks stacked near her. She's focused, not restless and fidgeting like in her first post.]

[Suddenly she stops, staring at a particular passage in the textbook and frowns. Something has obviously displeased her.]

[Which becomes really apparent when she... outright rips the page out of the book and reaches for a bottle of white out.]

Wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.

[She picks up a pen and starts writing on the page itself without much care for the fact that she just defaced a book.]

[The feed times out a short while later with River still 'correcting' the textbook.]

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[video]十四 you can tell from the state of my room that they let me out too soon

[the feed turns on to Kaylee doing her best to hide what's going on around her- which isn't working very well as the sounds of crazy ranting are still audible in the background]

Anyone who got doctorin' experience got time to stop by Serenity-

They're gone! Everything's gone and they don't realize the roof is falling down around their heads-

[and that outburst ends with the sound of something breaking as Kaylee's attention is completely diverted]


[as she turns the feed off quickly]

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broken portrait of a girl

1 is the multiplicative identity - [Video]

[The guide turns on, whether by accident or design to show the lap of a girl who instead of working on paperwork has been making origami. A lot of it in fact.]

Extinction happens sometimes. A habitat gets... wiped out. All it takes is one catastrophe and pop... an entire population can die.

[In delicate hands rests an origami crane, she flies it around a bit and then... crushes it without much care.]

Statistically there will always always survivors left so its obvious what you have to do. Catch them. Put them in a cage and make them breed. Like pandas.

What happens when we forget what we are?

[Next on the scene are a pile of origami stars that she arranges in circles on the bench she's taken over. A little solar system in miniature.]

Gone gone. They're all gone. It was closing time and they locked all the doors and turned off the lights but forgot to let everyone out first so the building burned around them.

They're stuck out in the black and they can't talk or call for help and they haven't figured out yet that when they look in the black something will look back at them!

[In frustration she lashes out at the stars, smashing and sweeping them away, the guide caught up the movement finally shows River, curled up on the bench.]

They put a fish in my ear...

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