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Thirteenth Use [Accidental Video]

[The image was a bit off kilter, likely having been discarded in the process of Trowa's current mission to avoid it being a casualty. It was still clear enough that the mechanic, back in his rather ugly but useful overalls from the Barton Foundation, was busy. Even the maintenance robot he was working on was more vocal than he was, beeping in a rather distinctive temperamental manner.]

[Stubborn robot. It was quite obviously needing repairs, but was fighting the mechanic tooth and nail. Except for the teeth, unless one counted the gears Trowa had already managed to extract. The boy was being good-he hadn't tried shooting the thing. Yet.]

[If the slight glare he was sending at it was anything to go by, it was getting there unless someone managed to distract him.]

Twelth Use [Accidental Video]

[The Guide turned on to show Trowa staring at a rather innocent looking package. Whether he was aware his Guide had turned on or not was not obvious, as he didn't so much as glance at the screen. After a long moment, the faint frown smoothed out and the rather familiar neutral expression returned as he finally reached out to unwrap the thing.]

[Someone had been visited by Santa Claus. It had just taken him a couple days to bother returning to his assigned room to even find it.]

Eleventh Use [Accidental Video]

[The Guide came on at first only showing a figure in an odd-looking space suit with a large helmet obscuring whoever it was. The figure was seated, firmly buckled to the seat with hands curled around controls.]

[The only sounds being made were quiet gasps, as if the figure couldn't quite catch their breath, or was somehow panicking. That was possible, the helmet was tilted down so they could very well be trying to calm down. But then a single word was spoken, a name; and in such a way that it obviously hurt the boy.]


Tenth Use [Video]

[Nanashii was dressed in gear that was quite obviously designed for rock climbing. He was leaning against a wall as he fiddled with the Guide for a long moment, then spoke up.]

If anyone is looking for a guide to climbing down here on the planet, let me know. I have the proper equipment and decent maps.
watch me

[Accidental Video]

[Guide flicks on on its own, a bit away from where it looks like Nanashii and Nataku are fighting in the park. They’re talking, but the guide is too far away to hear them clearly. A moment later Nataku holds up a hand and stops the ‘fight,’ stepping forward to nudge one of Nanashii’s legs with a foot, making him shift his stance.]

[Stance corrected, Nanashii nodded slightly and said something before getting right back to the ‘fight’ by leaping up and out of the camera’s range. He came back into sight after a moment, landing and watching Nataku expectantly.]

[Nataku does her best to repeat the leap, though she doesn’t make it quite as high, face clearly annoyed at that when she lands on her feet again.]

[And yet it was obvious Nanashii wasn’t disappointed, considering the only correction he made was to her landing.]

[Nataku gave a sharp nod before shifting her feet and running at him with a sharp yell.]


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Irritable correction

Ninth Use [Accidental Video]

[The feed turned on to show the unibanged boy typing away on a mini computer, seated on the shoulder of a particular black gundam. Only, his focus drifted to the odd bracelet on a wrist after a little bit, fingers stilling on the keyboard as a faint frown appeared around his eyes.]

How does a bracelet signify marriage?

[The mutter was more frustrated than the quiet boy generally let be heard in his voice. Then again, he was still unaware his Guide had turned on and was merrily broadcasting to the entire ship.]
Paying attention

Seventh Use [Video]

[For once Nanashii meant to post to the network with a video. That didn't mean to say he looked all that happy, to those who knew how to look for emotion.]

As I was signed up to be a zombie nurse, I am looking for information on how best to perform my current mission as best I can. Any one have suggestions?

Sixth Use [Video]

[Encrypted to Wufei, Nataku, Quatre, Duo and Heero.]

[The feed turned on, showing Nanashii frowning slightly.]

Have any of you been affected by the Drive yet? I have... [He paused for a moment, gaze flicking away before returning to the screen.] I remember.

[Encrypted to Midii a bit later.]

[Obviously he wasn't paying much attention a bit ago~ But he's making up for it now by contacting her. He even looks about the same age, as if he hadn't been affected at all.]

Midii... Has the Drive affected you?

[End encryption.]

Fifth Use [Accidental Video] Backdated to Mirror Event

[Nothing unusual with someone just walking down a hallway, right? Even if it was Nanashii, the boy without a name that he was comfortable taking for himself yet. Right.]

[Except for when something seemed to catch his eye, causing his head to turn and his steps to pause, a frown reaching his eyes before they widened just a little. The feed even obliged to move with his focus, showing he was looking at a store selling mirrors-of all things.]

[His reflection? No, look harder. Sure, his reflection was there, but over his shoulder was someone unfamiliar. And he did not look happy, if that glare directed at the teen was anything to go by.]

... But you're dead...

[OOC: Action or video is welcome! Basically, the mercenary captain (for anyone familiar with Episode Zero) has come back to haunt Nanashii. Other people can even see him. So, have fun?]