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Do I look smart?

The Amazing Spider Girl! #2 | Searching

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[Yamame is slowly figuring this thing out...she had meant to broadcast video but she screwed it up, of course.]


Parsee-neeeeeeeeeee! Where are you, Parsee-nee! Tell Yamame where you are!

Yamame will bring you snacks! Hehe!

Parsee-nee where are you! Koishi-chan said you were here! Answer Yamame!

Does anyone want to play?

[The feed rather abruptly cuts off at this point.]
Spiders are cute!

The Amazing Spider Girl! #1 | Spiders in space!

[The video feed cuts on...to the sight of one very large and very out-of-focus red eye staring intently. After a moment, it finally backs away, revealing the face of a blond-haired young lady staring blankly at it. She turns her attention to something off screen, speaking in excited tones.]

Mister, mister what's this?

I have already told you it is your Guide. Will you just please go to your quarters before I call security?

[The young girl is unfazed by the threat, however, as she simply giggles. The guide suddenly shifts as if it were bumped on accident, not quite centering it's view on a Vogon sitting behind it's counter. Before long, the young lady appears once again standing beside said Vogon and staring in amazement at the stacks of paperwork.]

How come there's so much? [Yamame reaches for the stacks of papers as she speaks, only to be impeded by the rather annoyed looking alien simply moving them out of her reach, trying it's ABSOLUTE BEST to simply ignore the girl who has already been in the new arrivals area for hours pestering the lot of them.]

Mister! Hey, hey mister what does Yamame do now?

[Her questions are only met by the poor Vogon ignoring her even harder. Before long a member of the security personnel plucks Yamame from behind the desk by her shirt collar, setting her down and handing her the guide, which now only broadcasts her feet.]

Please report to your quarters. Leave them to their work.

Yamame doesn't know where to go! I'm lost! I didn't know Gensokyo looked like this!

[With another giggle those feet simply lift from the ground until the view widens to the point that the security officer can be seen staring up at her.]

If you do not comply I'm afraid I will have to detain you. Please report to your quarters.

[Taking it as a challenge, Yamame simply giggles and floats off down a corridor. She's apparently hoping the individual is going to chase her down...but as she soon finds they have no interest in doing so now that she's finally left.]

Whoops! [Is the last thing that's heard as the guide hurtles toward the ground, and the video feed abruptly ends.]