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You want to see?

[]20[] Video

[The view is on the black hole. Of course it is! But the camera only shows that for one moment before it swings back to showing... Yukari. And she has this coy little grin on her face that seems really out of place for the seriousness of the situation. Or, at least, the seriousness people are applying to this situation. Why? Well...]


[And she shifts to show her... rather abundant cleavage beneath her dress. It's covered, but she's flaunting it in a way that means she wants it to be looked at.]

Who doesn't want to die a virgin~?

[Did she just offer... - yep. Yep she did.]
Grins right into your face

[]19[] Video

[Good day to you, Thor! Are you awake? Paying attention? Good! You should be!

Because here, now, on your video screens is a Yukari. But not just any Yukari! It seems she's gotten a bit of new... headwear.

Yes that's right, Yukari is wearing Shiki Eiki Yamaxanadu's Enma crown and is...

... actually it looks good on her, but it's stolen property and so she should probably be more worried than her grin suggests!]

Attention, Thor, my job requires me to inform all of you of one, simple thing:

You are going to Hell.

Every last one of you~

If you doubt my authority, then just look, for now I wear the Enma crown, and so my word must clearly be law. [There is such a mocking tone in that. Like she's making fun of Eiki, and is not even being subtle about it]

Enjoy the rest of your nights.

And do try not to dream of hellfire.

[]18[] Video/Action

... How tame.

[She tilts her head, looking back at the camera. Was it an accident it came on? It doesn't appear that way from the way she almost immediately looks down at it. She's been watching, you know]

I'd prefer if no one were to get close to the tea house, regardless, unless there is business to be had here.

[Old Miss Youkai here is negatively charged. Come get stuck. Or get anti-stuck, as it may be!]

[]17[] Video - Welcome to Hell

[See Yukari. See Yukari in the middle of town - the foggy town, mind. It seems to be daylight. Bright enough but still very much so 'normal' looking for its usual run-down state]

I discovered a very curious little fact about this town they call - ah... 'Silent Hill.'

It seems there's a side to it that is just a little... bit... even worse than the normal.

Watch carefully~

[She waves her hand through the air, fingers glowing, and the scene... shifts. Changes. Melts from being foggy, rundown, 'normal' to...

... Well, a hellish, rusted, industrial wasteland. She begins to walk a bit, steps clanking against the metallic streets, panning the camera about so you can see... well what you can see of it. Beyond the streets - which suddenly drop into pits of Nothing, windmills appear to be spinning. And, a little on, buildings: the walls that aren't suddenly chain-linked fence are thick with rust and blood and rot.]

It smells a bit like the Netherworld here, so I wonder if this is a place of spirits... or simply a place of malice. I cannot tell exactly which barriers are needed to bring this either... the boundary of dream and reality, the boundary of evil and good... all of these things make this world what it is. Ah, but for those that plan on visiting this quaint little side of this place, do note...

[The sound of wings flapping and a loud squawk gives the thing away as Yukari is accosted by one of these ugly sons of bitches. She, however, doesn't seem phased, shifting a bit out of the way to impale it on her parasol before slamming it into the ground. She gives its worm covered head a final, crunchy sounding STOMP to stop it from squirming, then regards the camera again as she shakes the blood from her parasol]

Those who would visit this side of the town... do be careful. The monsters here are more prone to ah... to biting. And they're attracted to those who need the light to survive... [Her eyes flash their glowy violet youkai nature] So flashlights off, everyone~

[With that, and a chuckle, she shuts off the feed]

[]16[] Video - PSA

Hmm... so many children... [She seems happy with this fact. At least mostly]

Ah, though I must say one thing; for those that are allowing the humans at the New Gensokyo shrine to watch over the children, do remember to remind them at any and every turn not to let the kids wander deeper into this place.

[She reaches down, picking up and holding one of the kids on her hip]

I fear there are creatures here that would find such easy prey a bit too tempting to pass up. And young meat is so very... very tender.

[Was that a threat? No. But she can't pass up the opportunity to make people nervous]

29th Feather - [Video/Recording]

[The guide clicks on to reveal a rather content looking Yuui D. Flowright. He presses a few buttons on the guide and then, after a satisfied little look, he turns it about to reveal one Yukari Yakumo, standing close by. With a bit of a chuckle, she turns to look over at Chen, who stands before both of them, looking between Yukari and Yuui curiously.]

So, what was it you wanted to show me, Yukari-sama?

[She lifts her hand casually, revealing a small, silver laser pointer. Yuui hums a bit in wonder as Yukari points it forward.]

I've discovered a curious little trick with this 'laser pointer' device.

[She presses the button, and the laser shoots forward, a bright red dot upon the ground. As soon as it appears, Chen blinks, looks over to it... and pounces. She grins, lifts her hands and sees that the little red light was gone. Yuui can't help but laugh as he sees the confusion spread across Chen's face. It was really quite adorable. So, as Yukari and Yuui chuckle happily, as Chen bounds and leaps here and there, trying to catch the light Yukari made dance about. This continues for a few minutes, Yukari and Yuui having a grand old time as Chen continues to chase the light, until Chen collapses quite suddenly.]

C-Chen? Are you--

[Yuui pauses for a moment, but the reason is clear enough. Yukari dropped the laser pointer and looked quite grave. She speaks softly, saying only one word.]


[And here, Yuui begins to sound a bit more concerned, stepping a little closer to Yukari. The guide slips a little in his hand, revealing Chen picking herself up slowly.]

...Yukari-sama? Are you alright...?

She's gone Yuui... Ran isn't here anymore...

[A beat. A single moment of silence between them before Chen voice rings out loudly.]


[The guide's recording ends immediately as Yuui slams the stop button. Yuui himself makes no sounds and says nothing else. The guide simply falls from his hand, hits the ground and cease functioning.]

[ooc: So, Yukari and Chen notice as Ran disappears. Yukari is purple, Yuui is blue, and Chen is green.
Pony - The only icon I will ever need

[14] My Little Crevice Monster: Love is Trolling

[Hail, Thorians! Yes, Yukari Yakumo is one of those... 'pony' creatures that everyone else is.

And the icon? Totally all you can see of her, currently]

How... curious...

I admit the quadruped nature is a thing to get used to from my normal bipedal stance but...

[She chuckles, and it turns into a low rumble-whinny near the end]

This has all the potential to be fun, doesn't it?

[Uh oh. Yukari's definition of 'fun' is not... most people's definitions of fun.

Her wings give an - off-camera flap, and the feed ends with a low chuckle]